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Page 1 of 2 – Sundown SA12 Box Design HELP – posted in Subwoofers / Enclosures: BRAND OF SUBWOOFER: SUNDOWN MODEL: SA-12 IMPEDANCE: DUAL 4ohm RMS RATING: 600RMS got a pair of 12s and looking to get a box design for 1 12 or 2 12 that would make the subs perform to their best of their ability any help would be appreciated what volume (cuft) should i build my enclosure as well as what should the port be tuned to thanks. As a ported box gets bigger it produces more output around its tuning frequency. I’ve had my SA 12 dual 2-ohm for almost 3 years now and this mothafucker hasn’t died yet! I got it in a 1.75 cubic ft ported box tuned to 30hz like recommended and hooked up to a mb quart onyx1500. Anyway, I’m curious to know who else has a single SA-12 in their Tibby with a custom enclosure, and what your dimensions are? I’m powering one with an AQ-1200D and would like to keep as much trunk space as I can if possible.

sundown sa 12 ported box 2I own a Sundown Audio 12 SA and its a 600rms sub. I want a vented enclosure that can hit awesome in the lows! Thats all i want, that kill the lows! But i dont want to buy those already built boxes, i want something well done. Box will be made to the sub I choose. Again 1 ported sa12 or 2 sealed sundown e10. I’m new to this so if you experience ppl can suggest a better subs to fit my need with in the price range that also be great. Building A Ported Subwoofer Tube Box for Sundown SA-12!

I tried a rear-facing box, but that didn’t want to work for me, either. So, decided to just do 2 Sundown SA-12’s on a 2500D in 4 cubic feet tuned to 35hz Here are some progress pics to check out, I’ll be putting the remainder of the backseat in tomorrow after I give her a good vacuuming and take some more pics and maybe some video! 3/4 Hardwood ply with a double baffle for the wall holding subs. For now a Rockford Fosgate P3, soon it’ll be a Sundown Audio SA-12. Dual 4 ohm Sundown 12 in a ported box. Tuned to 35hz. Box was skimmed with fiberglass resin then carpeted. Box measures 30 x 15 x 14.

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And for kicks I modeled the Sundown SA12 in a ported alignment shown in the graph in green Sealed Sundown SA12 Orange Sealed JL 12w3v3 Blue Ported Sundown SA12 (tuned to 35hz) green The graph below models each subwoofer in their ideal recommended enclosure, each given 500 watts for sake of consistency. I recently did an install of 2 Sundown SD 10’s in a vehicle that had a JL stealth box with 2 10w3’s. Sundown sa-12 ported pro box in Houston, TX. Description. Sundown sa-12 ported probox 300 obo. Condition. New (never used). Sold. Watch. SELLER. Hell yes get a sundown sa-12. I have one in a ported box and it slams! Ive never build my own box before. it for 2 SA-12 i was thinking an enclosure 1. So im not sure how to design a box that is ported and tuned. im not totally sure if this would be correct for these subs. I was looking on sundown audio cite and said smaller enclosure tuned higher for SPL. Free download ram designs x sundown sa ported box blue scholars inkwell or ram designs monte carlo ported wall blue scholars life and debt old school rockford hx ported box designs blue scholars second chapter and see more Ram Designs 4x Sundown Sa 12 Ported Box Blue Scholars Inkwell. 2 Sundown Sa-12’s ported. I think it’s 4 cubes 32 hz. Vacuum pressed double baffle.

New Box Build. 2 Sundown Sa-12’s Ported In A Dc