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Page 1 of 2 – Sundown SA12 Box Design HELP – posted in Subwoofers / Enclosures: BRAND OF SUBWOOFER: SUNDOWN MODEL: SA-12 IMPEDANCE: DUAL 4ohm RMS RATING: 600RMS got a pair of 12s and looking to get a box design for 1 12 or 2 12 that would make the subs perform to their best of their ability any help would be appreciated what volume (cuft) should i build my enclosure as well as what should the port be tuned to thanks. Already downloaded the box specs from sundown but 2cuft seems to be small for such a subwoofer. As a ported box gets bigger it produces more output around its tuning frequency. Ported is an easy choice, and easier than some types to build. Bandpass enclosures have to be built to the subs specs while paying a lot of attention to the details. Sa-12’s are great subs but they seem to have a smaller range on the top end. I own a Sundown Audio 12 SA and its a 600rms sub. I want a vented enclosure that can hit awesome in the lows! Thats all i want, that kill the lows! But i dont want to buy those already built boxes, i want something well done. Hope some one of you can help me with the specs to build the box! Thanks guys!

sundown sa 12 ported box specs 2Again 1 ported sa12 or 2 sealed sundown e10. One thing to consider though, a ported box will put out 3 – 6DB more output than sealed. Or as long as I fall with the manufactures spec I’m good or is it best to go optimum according to specs. Finds all information about Sundown Sa 18 Specs in different sites and blog basing on the search criteria you’ve entered – Searchkita. Looking for a ported subwoofer box for 2 Sundown Audio SA-12’s? Ive never build my own box before. it for 2 SA-12 i was thinking an enclosure 1. So im not sure how to design a box that is ported and tuned. im not totally sure if this would be correct for these subs. E3_overkill, I was wondering what box do you have now and what do you find wrong with it – and right about it, of course the specs of your current box will help a lot. I was looking on sundown audio cite and said smaller enclosure tuned higher for SPL.

I am tryin to make a sub enclosure for a sundown audio sa 12 d2. Does this need to be a sealed box or a ported one?and if ported,what should the port size be. I’d highly suggest porting the SA 12 Also for box requirements give sundown a call or email and they will give you the specs you need then you can cut and build. Size of the box, it doesnt matter, just whatever the loudest it can. Sundown Audio SA-12 (ported box) & Audio Que 2200D – YouTube. Aug 25, 2012.

Help! 1 Sundown Sa12 Ported Vs 2 Sundown E10 Sealed

Sundown SA 12 – ULTRA – what are the RECOMMENDED enclosure specs? Im thinking about getting line output conveter and using the sub channels from my Fultron Belle. To power (1) sub in a ported box in the trunk. Dual Sundown Audio SA8 SA 8 SA8v.2 SA8v.3 Custom Ported Box Compact. This setup is being upgraded AGAIN with a new box and TWO SA-8 v.2 woofers! Yes sir, even the least expensive subwoofer Sundown Audio sells is tested before it goes into a customers hands! Yup, that’s what it is!FTW!Large motor assembly?Yup, that is a large motor assembly!Another view showing a set of terminals. This post has been edited by ma_ttcald: Apr 17 2012, 04:12 PM.

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