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Here is my mill in action: And here is another swing blade mill I recorded a few months ago:. Specialized 3-blade circular sawmills Specialized swing-blade circular sawmills this site has used swing saws petersons,lucas and brandx. I do not regret purchasing a swing mill over a band mill for the types of custom milling that I am contracted for.

swing blade saw mill 2A swingmill has a single circular blade that pivots. A sawmill uses a circular saw blade for use in horizontal or swing-blade sawing applications that has (1) has a central attachment (5) suitable for functionally attaching the blade to a driving mechanism with countersunk flush mounting attachment elements, a series of saw teeth (2) at the periphery of the blade, a series of apertures (3) between the teeth and the attachment portion, arranged to substantially reduce the weight and surface area of the blade by at least 5, consequently reducing blade sag in horizontal position, friction and heat distortion in horizontal position, and/or gyroscopic stresses coming to bear on the blade and its mounting during the process of changing the blade from one disposition to another. David Boyt, manager of Pottershop Hollow Tree Farm & Sawmill in Missouri, offered a list of basic considerations: the type and size of wood to be milled; the products you want to make; whether the mill is primarily for income or personal use; the support equipment required (trailer, truck, tractor with front end loader); ease of use; and the desired features above and beyond the basics. Consider a swing-blade mill, especially if you will be producing standard sizes of lumber for construction, fencing, trailer decking and railroad ties.

These are portable and transportable mills for 1-2 person personal and commercial use. 17159, Alabama 2005 Peterson WPF 8 circular swingblade mill. Portable sawmills became popular in the United States starting in the 1970s, when the 1973 energy crisis and the back to the land movement had led to renewed interest in small woodlots and in self-sufficiency.

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