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Peterson Portable Sawmills show you how their swingblade circular sawmills work on one of their machines with these easy to follow descriptives. Due to the originality of the design, no special locking mechanisms are required, making the whole process quick and simple many of our customers comment on how easy it is to use in comparison to other brands!. Design. The D&L SWING BLADE has been designed to reduce down time waiting for replacement parts. D&L has made every effort to incorporate use of off-the-shelf parts to make repair and replacement quick, easy and affordable. Video of a swing blade sawmill in action. As a tool maker, it’s actually not very hard to to, but most of the DIY mills are band mills. I’ve got trees up to 24 on my property, so I need some capacity.

swing blade sawmill design 2He builds 2 types of homemade DIY sawmills with scraps he has around his compound. One is a band saw mill and the other is a swing blade saw mill made from a 12 saw blade. If you have high quality cherry or walnut, the swing blade mill is the wrong choice. Was impressed with its design, but the well done compromises to make it truly portable left me wanting for a more stable setup. Swing blade sawmills are a fairly recent introduction into the portable for a simple bracket and track system to 1,500 for some of the more complex designs.

I just stumbled upon the swing blade sawmill concept for the first time. Not knockin’ your idea, just sharing info that is pertinent to avoid the inevitable headaches a DIY project ALWAYS has. Unique design hot sale portable swing blade sawmill. Grinding mills, Ball Mill, Vertical Roller Mill for How to build a swing blade sawmill in Gabon. The two worked together to design and build The Gladiator swing-blade sawmill, utilising Carl’s inverted T concept to offer a clean, open.

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swing blade sawmill design 3Swingmill Blades Taking the Mystery Out of ‘Swingmill’ Blades. Peterson Portable Sawmills in New Zealand was the first company to design and manufacture swingmills in 1989, followed by Ecosaw and then Lucas in Australia in 1994. Portable Swing Blade Sawmills, A Buyers Guide to Swin. Bestbier is the only South African swing-blade sawmill supplier that designs, develops, manufactures and commissions such sawmills locally. Father and son worked together to design and build The GLADIATOR swing-blade sawmill, utilising Carl’s inverted ‘T’ concept to offer a very clean, open access portable sawmill. The mono-rail is a BREAK THROUGH no ‘blade twist’ design! Carl developed his first prototype swing blade sawmill in the remote islands of Fiji, and after immigrating to New Zealand in the 1980’s, set about creating the world’s first commercial swing-blade sawmill. These sawmills use the proven swing blade design to break down logs into accurate lumber, which is far quicker and easier than comparably priced bandsaw sawmills. Specifications and detailed information on types of sawmills available to landowners intersted in small scale sawmilling. Its patented leveling design along with swing blade technology gives you the sawing capability, versatility and production you’re looking for.

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So, in the summer of 2003, I ordered plans for the mill. I cut all of the steel using an aluminum oxide metal cutting blade on my circular saw. I like the swing-blade mills, and their kerf is not much greater than a band mill.