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Turbo Saw Mill – The World’s Best Portable Swing Blade Timber Saw Mills. I can set it up quickly on site and take out the lumber rather than cutting up the bush with skidding equipment. Since the invention of the swingblade mill by Peterson Portable Sawmills, many people have tried to replicate the technology. The Peterson mill does not require any extra equipment i.e. an edger or resaw. Swing blade sawmill technology was introduced in 1988 in New Zealand by inventor Carl Peterson. There are now several swing blade mill manufacturers all over the world.

swing blade sawmill manufacturers 2D&L Timber Technologies is a world leader in the development, manufacturer and distribution of sawmilling and wood processing equipment and solutions. Our customers always have trusted the quality and reliability of the D&L Twin Saw and our newest innovations in Swing Blade technology. Is there any manufacturer that sells blades and matching hubs? So far it appears that I will have to machine my own hub to match the manufacturer I choose to purchase blades from (currently Peterson, as they have thin kerf and planer blades for their machines). Check with Sawmill Exchange to see if there are any in your area. Other than log dogs for small logs and a couple things that the manufacturer fixed right away, I don’t recall many woes for swing or multi-blade mills. Sawmill and Woodlot magazine sponsors the shootout and puts out an issue devoted to it. The swingblade is very simple and very effective, but it has its limits, pros and cons and misconceptions.

Have Sawmill Equipment for Sale? Post it! Get notified when a type of Equipment is posted! All Terrain Sawmill – Portable Swingblade Mill Slide Show. Portable band sawmills can slice up some impressive logs. Consider a swing-blade mill, especially if you will be producing standard sizes of lumber for construction, fencing, trailer decking and railroad ties. I just stumbled upon the swing blade sawmill concept for the first time. If you’re gonna need a lot of wider boards, double cutting is an option, but its not as easy as the manufacturers make it look. It actually kinda dangerous if not done properly.

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Its all-aluminum design makes it a robust yet portable piece of equipment. Bottene – Italian manufacturer of various sawmill equipment including automated units.

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