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For validity check, i had to count number of tables and views from DB2 before migrated and number of tables and views on Oracle after ive migrate it. If you ever need to determine the row count for all tables in an Oracle Schema as I did, here is something to help you out. Disclaimer: This is not my original work and I do not claim to be an Oracle DBA/expert, but I am writing it up as I continually need this and. Write a SQL to count total number of tables in a schema of oracle 10g database. Get Table Details in a schema of oracle 10g database.

table count in oracle 2Hi all, i need to write a procedure to get count of all tables in a schema. plz help me proceed further. thanks, Sirisha. I have so many tables.examples hari,ram,ravi,etc. Ten i want count of each table in single query. Reply me output: ram 30 ravi 21. Two simple ways to get row counts for all the tables in a schema. This can be achived by single sql statement or you can write plsql block. Fist method:- select table_name, to_number(extractvalue(xmltype(dbms_xmlgen.

There are quiet a few methods to find out the count of records in the schema tables. The most obvious one is to query USER_TABLES for a list of tables – and then append ‘select count( ) from ‘ – save a an sql script and then run it – Select ‘Select ”’ table_name ‘: ” count( ) from ‘ table_name ‘;’, to_char(sysdate, ‘YYYYMMDDHH24MISS’) d, user ufrom user_tablesorder by table_nameSorry, for those who don’t like it. Count rows in all tables – Count the number of rows for ALL tables in current schema. DECLARE TYPE T_ARRAY IS TABLE OF VARCHAR2(2000) INDEX BY BINARY_INTEGER; MY_ARRAY T_ARRAY; V_COUNT INTEGER; I would like to do:. In case of Nested-Table which is NULL, COUNT raises an exception, CARDINALITY returns NULL.

Count Of All Tables In A Schema

I want to have the row count displays next to each table in my schema browser, and I need your help to make this happen, for example,EMPLOYEE (1312)The following is an excerpt from the online help from TOAD for Oracle:To get the rowcount for a dataset In the right hand side, right click over the data grid and select Get Rowcount. Table of varchar2 element count: Table of Varchar2 PL SQL Oracle PL / SQL. APPROX_COUNT_DISTINCT: Quick Distinct Count in Oracle Database 12cR1 (12. Now we have a table with a little over 100 million rows and 10,000 distinct values. I’m trying to write a PL/SQL procedure to return the count of all the tables my user owns. I have tried this: code declare tab_cnt integer; cur. Count the number of rows in a Oracle database table. If you happen to have a one-row table lying around, such as Oracle’s DUAL, you can simply throw that into the query.

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SQL Magic Trick: Getting Row Count Without Fetching All Rows. You see, Oracle has no way of telling us how many records are in our data set before we actually fetch the entire data set. How it did not worked: some Oracle version does not support this syntax or has bugs (version 815 hasthe syntax. List table blocks, empty blocks, extent count, and chain block count, Guide to Sybase, Oracle, UNIX, and More. I need to write a unix shell script to connect to oracle database and retrieve data from a table, the script should count the total number of rows till date in that table number of rows which are gett.