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TOC in Mac Word in Word for Mac 2008: Go to Insert on main menu bar and choose Document Elements and then Table of Contents. I’m using WordMac 2008 version 12.2.5 and after following detailed instructions on how to hyperlink chapters in a Table of Contents to their respective chapters in a book, I can only get the message Word cannot open the specified file. Table Hyperlinks Don’t Work in Word 2008 Mac Ofice Word. I have successfully generated a table of contents that correctly identifies the page on which each topic starts.

table of contents mac word 2008 2Word can now turn those Heading styles into table of contents entries. Do you have a tutorial for indexing with WORD 2008 etc MAC? Table of Contents, List of Figures, and List of Tables – Word for Mac 2008. List of Tables are referred to as fields and are automatically generated by Word. As it is right now, I have my title page, table of contents and then the first page of my document. So, page three is my first page so to speak.

By Carol Bratt on July, 14 2008 at 08:07AM EDT. Word gives you four ways to update a table of contents, so choose the method that works best for you:.

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Updating A Table Of Contents