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Dining Table Pad Features. All McKay pads are custom made to fit each table exactly, whether your table is rectangular, round, oval or any other shape. It stays in your home and your wooden dining table is practically. More. Table pads covers can protect the surfaces of all the tables in the house. Protective table pads can protect tables from unwanted and destructive moisture, from ugly marks, cracks and scratches and from heat stains. I have a nice dining room table with a table pad. Is a table pad to use while eating; say under a nice table cloth? And other times you remove it to show how nice the table is? Is a table pad for use when the table is not in use to protect it from thing being set on it and, oh I don’t know. Actually, I think a well laid table is much prettier without cover. Somebody call Martha Stewart.

table pad covers for dining table 2Protect your fine dining furniture with a table pad at Baer’s Furniture. Our magnetic locking system is simple, easy to use, locks the pads securely, and is totally hidden from view as the magnets are installed inside the bottom covering material. The best way to protect the surface of your antique or expensive dining room, kitchen or conference table is by using a custom made table pad. Table pads are made of a lightweight, stiff fiberboard inner core that is covered with vinyl on the top, which facilitates easy cleaning. We bought a Koa wood dining table and six chairs about 30 years ago and recently had them refinished and repaired. Inexpensive Table Pads: Glass Cover.

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