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Includes: how to use the tablecloth chart, understanding tablecloth drop length options, and quick reference for finding tablecloth sizes. Find the shape and size of your table using the far left column in the chart. At Gracious Style, we specialize in table linens, dinnerware, and entertaining accessories. Try our Tablecloth Finder, or use this chart of standard tablecloth sizes and the table sizes they would fit:. To calculate the correct size for a round tablecloth on a dining table:. Those sizes, with tablecloth sizes and seating capacity, are outlined in the chart below:.

tablecloth size chart tables 2Table Linen Sizing Chart. Our sizing chart shows the suggested tablecloth and overlay sizes for the most commonly used standard sized tables and tablecloth sizes. When setting your table with your new tablecloth, placing the tablecloth should be the first step. Make sure you place the tablecloth correctly. Tablecloth Sizing Chart. Shows what tablecloth to use with what table size., also hang of tablecloths.

See our simple to use tablecloths sizes and measurements chart. Square Tablecloth Size Chart, Inches: Measurements one side of the table/tablecloth. Both sides have the same measurement for square tables/tableclothes.

Tablecloths Sizes

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Tablecloths Sizes