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tab let a solid dosage form containing a medicinal substance with or without a suitable diluent. Called also pill. buccal tablet one which dissolves when it is held between the cheek and gum, permitting direct absorption of the active ingredient through the oral mucosa. Definition of enteric coated tablet. Provided by Stedman’s medical dictionary and Includes medical terms and definitions. Different Types Of Tablets Suit Patients In Different Ways. This route is used for anti-nausea drugs and nicotine replacement gums. Anti-nausea medicines are particularly suitable for buccal administration as the nausea itself can cause swallowed tablets to be vomited and therefore rendered ineffective.

tablet definition pharmacy 2Some drugs are incompatible to compress into tablets. Introduction Definition: Tablet is defined as a compressed unit solid dosage form containing medicaments with or without excipients. According to the Indian Pharmacopoeia, Pharmaceutical tablets are solid, flat or biconvex dishes, unit dosage form, prepared by compressing a drugs or a mixture of drugs, with or without diluents. Tablets may be defined as solid pharmaceutical dosage forms containing drug substances with or without suitable diluents and prepared either by compression or moulding methods.

Excipients have been defined in many ways, including as inert substances used as vehicles and. Tablets are the most widely used dosage form. One of the advantages of molded tablets is that they quickly disintegrate in the presence of moisture. And since the tablets are actually compressed powder mixtures, the pharmacist can easily adjust the composition for any number of dosages. Medical definition for the term ‘tablet triturate’. The definition information for tablet triturate is provided by Stedman’s. You can search our medical dictionary here. Drugs Search ICD9 Codes Medical Equipment Hospitals.

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One of the problems facing the pharmaceutical industry is to optimise the amount of drug available to the body, i. These difficulties have led to the introduction of official in-vitro tests which are now rigorously and comprehensively defined in the respective Pharmacopoeia. Scored tablets. As a rule tablets that can be broken in half or quarters will be scored by the manufacturer to make the process easier. A tablet that has not been pre-scored during manufacture is not recommended to be broken in half.

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