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In my player home I have weapon racks in different parts of the home. I used one of the Warehouse Prefabs as a weapon rack and a Wall Plaqueand duplicated them so I don’t know why only some of them work. I made them all work by positioning them slightly in from the wall which let me give and take items and raising the rack up from the floor which lets them take greatswords the right way round so they aren’t pointing up towards the ceiling. The bit about weapons appearing upside down is usually caused by having the weapon rack rotated to exactly 0,90,180,270 degrees, I find that they work much more reliably if you rotate them 1 degree off see attached pic, I alternated between +1 & -1 degree making a wavy rack. All Greatswords do not properly work on the rack. Some weapons sit above the rack, like greatswords, while some hang upside down, like axes and staves.

skyrim weapon rack won't activate 2The Weapon Rack is an interactive object typically found in Houses. They are a commonly used item that can be found scattered throughout Skyrim. This seems to happen most often to greatswords, such as a Dwarven Greatsword or Glass Greatsword, and the Ebony Blade. Severin Manor – greatsword clips into wall on weapon display. in Skyrim bugs & screenshots When placed on this weapon display plaque (xx0396a1) in Severin Manor, greatswords partially clip into the wall. Staffs Upside Down on Weapon Rack in Vindrel Hall. in Skyrim bugs & screenshots For some reason these staffs appear upside down on the weapon racks in Vindrel Hall (in Markarth). I’m working on a weapon rack mod(for personal use, for now) and i’m finding that some weapons have a hugely over sized (bounding?) box which obscures other objects near it from the cross hair’s view. I don’t mind altering the vanilla weapons for my own personal use and besides the weapons with over sized boxes I’ll be fixing the rotation on the Orcish battleaxe(which aligns itself perpendicular to the trigger and the mace which is upside down. As for the collision box, that is generated by the bhkCollisionObject block, but in skyrim there is much voodoo inside the game engine. Very special nif by bethesda is deadric greatsword – look at its collision box:D.

This article is being developed as part of the Skyrim Houses Redesign Project. In the living room, a large stone table is centrally situated with a single wooden chair drawn up to it; the others have been knocked over or are resting upside-down on the edge of the table. On the wall above the head of the bed hangs a shield rack sporting an iron shield and crossed iron greatswords. Against the rear wall are two weapon plaques, one above the other, above which is a second shield plaque holding another pair of iron greatswords and an iron shield. A subreddit dedicated to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Try punching the weapon rack, or hitting it with a weapon. seriously. I want to mount two battle axes above my bed instead of the greatswords. Yeah as soon as I bought the house I turned it upside down looking for the weapon plaques. He grabbed another sword – a Greatsword – from a weapons rack, and by the way he looked at it, Gwynyn knew it was his.

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skyrim weapon rack won't activate 3A bunch of skyrim mods that i thought were really cool and wanted to share this collection with others. When a routine assignment to kill a giant almost goes badly wrong, a new adventurer joins the guild, and turns Ria’s life, and the Companions, completely upside-down. I preferred Farkas to Vilkas, but I had never been very credible when I tried to intimidate people around Skyrim, that was Njada’s area of expertise. I groaned inwardly, and altered my course to instead grab one of the steel greatswords from the weapons rack by the doors. Or if you’re using a staff as a weapon and you put it away, it would be cool to see it strapped to your back. My poor Argonian’s tail clips with his greatsword. Make my own weapons racks, line them up so I have a hall of swords, or whatever. And who decided things should hang upside down and backward when you pick them up, move them, or place them? What did they smoke on their lunch break, before hitting enter on that bit of programming?. Best in all of Skyrim, all of Tamriel. With his size, it looked like he could wield two greatswords at once without any difficulty. You can use the Unrelenting Force shout to knock down the trainer, and then pickpocket them while they are getting back up (even though the menu still displays 0 chance, you cannot fail). Dropping a weapon and refusing to pay the 50 gold bounty. The first is a frost troll; once you have found and killed the frost troll, nearby will be a skeleton hanging upside down from the ceiling with a sword on the ground. Alchemy Lab, Arcane Enchanter, Tanning Rack. Eventually they whittled down and killed the critters and the kobolds, but the cube killed them all. Use the dart trap from Skyrim. The meeting hall has beds, tables, fire holes, piss holes, a weapons rack, and lots of other stuff. Grunk walking upside down on a stone bridge 100’s of feet in the air. Sexy.

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Bookcases, weapon racks and armor mannequins are easy since they auto-place the items when you activate them. (because you’re correct in that they almost always go upside down). Bruma was as close to a home a Nord could have outside of Skyrim. His life seemed to be a normal one, until the one fateful day that his entire world was tossed completely upside down. He reacted quickly, grabbing a freshly sharpened sword fashioned from fine iron sitting in a nearby weapon rack. In reply, they all drew their weapons; swords, axes, greataxes, and greatswords. he raised his hands to show he meant no harm. On the other side, armor racks and weapon trays were exposed. The pod door opened, the panels sliding down and revealing Lar’ja H’dlak. The bandit standing outside, of course, was a nord male, The primary human race in skyrim. Two of them were men, wearing bulky armor with greatswords, and a female, wearing a heavy armor, somewhat revealing, with a bow drawn. Skyrim Page 1 – Hail summoner, why don’t you conjure me up a warm bed. Before its jaw could get a hold of her dazed body, Vilkas had sunken his greatsword deep into its throat. Then everything was turned upside-down when Kodlak was killed. Odd, he thought, but nothing he put any further thoughts on as the door closed behind him and he pounced on Eydis as soon as she had placed her bow in the weapon rack.

Skyrim opens with an Imperial wagon driving four prisoners down a snowy mountain pass. The item is placed, causing the apparatus to flip upside-down. I’d like a greatsword. In lack of spears is there really any better melee weapon than a war-axe? I’d go with greatswords having some sort of critical strike ability instead. Maybe during Landfall Tamriel flies up into the air and FALLS upside down? The Elder virtually moments after it crash-landed on record store racks.