Automatic Poultry Door Sample Plans PDF

Once you decide to install an automatic chicken door, some of the things to consider are: its size, its source of power, and how it’s triggered to open and close. Automated chicken coop door that you can program to close and open at specific times in order to protect your chickens from predators. Poultry Butler also includes timer activation permitting you to set daily open and close times. Automatic chicken coop door that keeps the door closed all night and open only during daylight.

automatic poultry door 2McMurray’s own Coop Controller will open the door in the morning and close the door at night. No programming required. Our controller senses the sunrise and sunset to control the door position. This Automatic Poultry Door is like no other automatic chicken coop door on the market today. It’s screw-drive design protects your chickens from all types of predators. Quality German made coop door controller contains a motor with reel and built-in light sensor, which when night falls, the coop door will automatically close – as day breaks, the coop door will automatically open.

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