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The creators of The Last Stand: Dead Zone have given us more keys to unlock special gear in the game. All you have to do is guess the last characters in the codes below and you might be a lucky winner of festive new in-game gear. Fuel is a type of ammunition featured in The Last Stand: Union City and a premium resource featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. Fuel can be found in any searchable location in the Dead Zone. Walkthroughs, videos, hints and tips for DS games We are the the last stand dead zone fuel hack and most popular cheat codes game site in the world. Official Last Stand Dead Codes Hack Tool all Cheats that lets you get unlimited fuel, wood Hot The Last Stand Dead Zone tip The Last Stand Cheat Zone Cheat Engine Trainer w DL Nov 2013 ammo in the game Dead Zone Last Stand.

the last stand dead zone fuel codes 2The latest Tweets from TLS: Dead Zone (TheLastStand_DZ). The Last Stand: Dead Zone. Dead Zone. As survival gets harder the tensions between the groups formed in the Dead Zone begin to rise. Now, survivors will fight for the Fuel that remains by way of a sick game run by outsiders. The Last Stand: Dead Zone melee weapons include knife, metal bars, and some others. You can purchase some of the strongest weapons in Last Stand: Dead Zone via Fuel.

Cheat Code. Tagged: Last Stand: Dead Zone, Morale, Compound, Fuel, Wood, Metal, Cloth, Food, Water, Ammo, Constuction, Inventory, the store, Speed up, Instant, upgrade, collect, XP, level. Too bad there cant be a unlimited fuel code but I guess having something like that would make the game runners crack down on players since the fuel is the main money for micro transactions!. The Last Stand – Dead Zone: The world is over. Fuel is a special currency you can purchase through optional in-game microtransactions or potentially find freely on missions, and can be spent on everything from refilling supplies, to instantly accomplishing tasks, and more.

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the last stand dead zone fuel codes 3Last Stand: Dead Zone – it is a cool zombie survival MMO by ArmorGames. I am selling a level 28 account (maybe higher by the time it sells ) that has more than 50 HERC supply boxes in inventory and about 200 fuel.

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