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Thermodynamic Quantities for Substances and Ions at 25oC. Inorganic Substances. Substance or Ion. Hfo (kJ/mol). Gfo (kJ/mol). So (J/molK). e(g). 0. 0. Aluminum. Al(s). 0. 28.3. 0. AlCl3(s). -704.2. 110.67. -628.8. Al2O3(s). -1675.7. 50.92. -1582.3. Aqueous Solutions. Ca2+(aq). -542.96. -55.2. -553.04. CO32-(aq). Steam tables consist of two sets of tables of the energy transfer properties of water and steam saturated steam tables and superheated steam tables.

thermodynamics table 2This article is a summary of common equations and quantities in thermodynamics SI units are used for absolute temperature, not Celsius or Fahrenheit. Contents. Thermodynamics TablesAcid-Base Indicators. No headers. T1: Standard Thermodynamic Quantities T2: Extended Thermodynamic Properties of Substances. For most substances, thermodynamic properties are presented in the form of tables because they are too complex to be expressed by simple equations.

Thermodynamics Tables contains 5 Essential Thermal Engineering Tables and Laws of Thermodynamics. A Useful Thermodynamics and Thermal Engineering Utility. Saturation and superheated tables for phase-change (PC) fluids. 60 fluids), enter two independent thermodynamic properties (say, p and h: all thermodynamic properties are colored blue) to obtain all other properties. The online version of Thermodynamic Tables to Accompany Modern Engineering Thermodynamics on, the world’s leading platform for high quality peer-reviewed full-text books.

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enthalpy table 3Download Thermodynamics Tables apk 3.0 and all version history for Android. 5 Essential Thermal Engineering Tables and Laws of Thermodynamics.

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