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Shop Woodcraft?s Veneers for all your wood veneer and veneering, including veneer plywood, veneer sheets, and veneer tools. Veneer is a thin slice of wood that covers an underlying structure. Wood veneer is used to create a desirable finish on MDF, plywood, or other material to give both the beauty of the wood veneer, but the strength of the underlying material. Find great deals on eBay for Wood Veneer Roll in Woodworking Lumber and Veneer. Shop with confidence. Thin Wood. Micro-Thin Wood Veneer Sheets. Micro-Thin printable wood veneer sheets are thin layers cut from real logs. Several layers of wood are combined to create smooth, flexible sheets.

thin wood veneer 2See more than 4500 exotic wood veneers with hi-res pictures and pricing on our website. We are adding more curly, quilted, burl, and figured woods everyday. What is Wood Veneer? It is a thin slice of wood cut from a log with a slicing, peeling, or sawing machine. It is used on plywood, fine furniture, and laminated shapes for decorative and architectural purposes. Earth Anatomy’s thin stone veneers are real, natural stone. Through their stone veneer creation processes, new qualities of stone are revealed, making it lightweight, flexible, and even translucent in some cases.

Oakwood Veneer is the largest in-stock manufacturer of Wood Veneer Sheets in the United States. Wood Veneer Company – Wise Wood Veneer is a wood veneer supplier of domestic and exotic flexible wood veneer. We offer a wide variety of flexible veneers for almost any budget, application or purely aesthetic value. Vale Veneers, Wood Veneer supplier offering marquetry packs, inlays, single veneer sheets, oak veneer, walnut burr, iron on edging, veneer adhesive and exotic wood veneers.

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Shop Van Dyke’s wood veneers now! A veneer is created by slicing a very thin piece of wood from a tree trunk and then applying it to a surface with glue. Exotic wood veneer and dyed wood veneer for Woodworkers, Artists, Craftsmen, pool cue makers. FormWood’s Hardwood Veneer makes it possible to utilize wood veneer in more novel and unique applications than ever before. FormWood 2-Ply hardwood veneer has a perpendicular face-to-back construction utilizing a thin acrylic membrane to provide protection against bubbling, glue seepage and telegraphing. Wood veneer is a thin layer of wood which is cut from a log. The main difference with solid wood is that solid wood is sawn from a log. This produces more waste than when cutting wood veneer.

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