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Over the years the paintwork your bargeboard has been finished with has slowly deteriorated leaving the timber exposed to the elements. Bargeboards are located on a gable/apex and are usually made from timber or Upvc plastic. Assuming the rafters are in good condition, a new bargeboard can then be fitted (either Upvc plastic or timber). How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Bargeboard? Our barge boards are all hand crafted from 38mm x 175mm timber, all timber we use is from sustainable forestry (see FSC information here). They are decorative fascia boards and come in several designs, bespoke designs and sizes are also available.

timber barge board 2Define: Barge – Detail of a timber framed roof showing a method of supporting an overhang at the gable of up to 450. Just wondered what anyone would recommend as a good wood to use as bargeboards? They will be painted, but even so are obviously exposed and. Bargeboard is the term used to describe a fascia board fixed to the apex section of a roof. The photo below is of a Upvc bargeboard fixed to the timber rafter with plastic capped nails.

When putting up new fascias, soffits and bargeboards or replacing them, one option is to fit UPVC. When replacing a wooden fascia, soffit or bargeboard, it is recommended that the old fascia, soffit or bargeboards are all removed. Fedwood Timber – Balustrading, Handrails, Posts, Verandah Brackets and more – Barge Trims – These go over the top of plain barge boards to create a shadow line. Fedwood Timber – Balustrading, Handrails, Posts, Verandah Brackets and more – Barge Boards More.


The timber bargeboards on the gables of my 25 year old house are badly weathered in several places – the wood at the very ends is soft to touch and seems to be rotting. The roof tiles do not go over the top of the boards like some houses – they sit just behind the bargeboards, slightly lower (they are not attached to the boards). Self-supporting barge-boards are strong-thick UPVC boards that are joined to the supporting timber with polytop nails. Self-supporting barge-boards are a good solution on new and recently built properties, where the rafters are strong and healthy. At Roger Smith Installations, Full replacement is the ONLY way. Why waste time and money on patching or painting or even overcladding your existing timber. Whether it’s a new installation in timber or renovating your old with low maintenance UPVC. How to install timber and UPVC barge boards, box ends & Fascia and Soffit boards to eaves. Decorative Relief & Barge Boards. Decorative relief is available in our Period Products range. It is perfect for use for trimming and framing the look of your home. Bargeboards also known as vergeboards are defined as projecting boards placed against the incline of the gable of a building, hiding the ends of the horizontal roof timbers. One reason for this is that their products can be attached to existing timber bargeboards to embellish them, without having to create one off expensive designs in timber.

Replacing Fascias, Soffits And Bargeboards With Upvc

If you have existing timber barge boards and the timber is relatively sound, then capping barge boards are advised. We use 10mm thick barge boards. These are available in up to 5 meter lengths, with various heights available. PVCu guttering and bargeboard maintenance service. Our surveyor will check your existing boards on the first visit and advise you if the timber condition can not be brought up to the standard for a capping bargeboard system.