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Along with all the functionality that we’ve come to expect from Pryda Build i, such as an interactive 3D model, intuitive layout modules and powerful truss design tools, Pryda Build v4 packs a punch with some impressive new features such as roof load areas, critical load paths and component design. Pryda uses world-best technology to manufacture the best timber truss and frame plants. Pryda Product Updates are designed to keep you informed of any changes to existing products. The Pryda Build software suite provides fabricators with all the tools they need to manage detailing and building jobs. Visit our site for details.

timber truss design tables 2Usually the lightest or least involved construction type appropriate for a given span that is capable of carrying the design load is the most preferable. A table of typical spans is presented below to aid the designer in selecting an appropriate structural system. This company specific design software includes span tables for Hyne timber products as well as generating member sizes and grades according to load input. Truss Systems Designer – The only software available for designers and builders to design floor and rafter trusses. For other load conditions spans can be determined from proprietary computer programs commonly used by timber producers. Downloads. The only software available for designers and builders to design floor and rafter trusses. Designs residential and commercial floors with selected dynamic performance levels, plus concentrated loads from walls, tiled areas, spas, etc.

Hyne Timber Design 7.5 includes all the span tables and engineering properties of Hyne Timber products. Timber I beams and parallel chord trusses are Engineered Timber Products that are gaining in popularity. The FLAT timber trusses can be used in intermediate floor structures because the FLAT truss allows spans of over 10 m. The FLAT truss can be used in roof construction for large objects (shopping malls, logistics parks or warehouses): in such cases it is designed for spans of up to 35 m.

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Our timber truss and roof systems are designed specifically to fit your needs, but it’s good to have an idea of where to start. This allows for more architectural detail to be incorporated, not to mention realizing larger truss spans using shorter timbers. The PosiStrut range of products are available in nominal 200, 250, 300 and 400mm depth. Actual overall truss depth depends on timber sizes used for the chords, and is provided in the design tables enclosed. To design a timber component or truss, choose from ready roof models, specify the main dimensions, loads, design code parameters, and the design is immediately performed and drawings produced automatically. Tables with section sizes from different European countries are included in the program, and you can also specify you own.

Span Tables For Timber Timber Design