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A mahogany deckchair from the doomed Titanic was sold at auction to a private collector in Britain for 150,000. The crew of the Mackay-Bennett salvaged the chair along with 300 bodies after being dispatch the disaster site more than a hundred years ago, Britain’s the Guardian reported. Exceedingly rare original Titanic deck chair, measuring approximately 37.75 x 22.5 x 54, one of only seven still known to exist. The chair displays expected wear, and its caned seat is mostly present although a center portion is broken with some loss of cane (this could have occurred on impact with the water but is more likely the result of use since the time of recovery). One of a handful of deckchairs recovered from the Titanic has sold for 85,000 at auction in Wiltshire. The Nantucket wooden chair was on the first class promenade deck of the luxury liner One of a handful of deckchairs recovered from the Titanic has sold for 85,000 at auction in Wiltshire.

titanic chair  2Chair from luxury liner was salvaged in 1912 by crew sent to recover bodies from Atlantic. Titanic chair sells for 100k: One of the ‘rarest collectibles’ from the ill-fated ship goes to UK buyer (but it’s too fragile for the new owner to sit on). The only time a chair is worth more than a Maserati is when it comes from the Titanic.

Passengers stroll passed chairs on the deck of the Titanic (1912). Enik told auction-goers it was a deck chair from the Titanic. Of course today, there’s hardly a soul worldwide who can’t cite you a pagefull of the intimate particulars of this 1912 tragedy, and that, of course, is because of the huge success of the new Oscar-garnering movie. An original deck chair from the RMS Titanic recovered from the body recovery ship CGS Montmagny. From one of the largest private Titanic collection and online museum.

Titanic Deckchair Sells For At Auction

titanic chair  3A rare original deck chair from the Titanic, the signature artifact of the permanent Titanic exhibit at Halifax’s Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. A deckchair (or deck chair) is a folding chair, usually with a frame of treated wood or other material. Titanic Ship Artifacts Titanic Wreck Titanic Chair Titanic Universe Titanic SteamShip reference See more about Chairs, Universe and Deck Chairs. Titanic deckchairs reproduce the design of the steamer chairs which furnished the first transatlantic cruise liners. Both are in teak with brass fittings and 3-position adjustable backrest, and can be completed with 100 acrylic cushions in off-white and rope colours. A deck chair recovered from the Titanic could fetch up to 80000 at auction today.