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No mattress required – 200lbs weight tolerance per single cot. Hi did any of you manage to find cheap toddler bunk beds I have 2 year old twins they have been able to get out of their cots for some time now and like you need to maximise space i really dont want to spend 600 on the bed then a further 200 on the mattresses please get back to mee thanks. Shanticot Convertible Bunk Cot Bed – HTH. Some children sleep in a cot, others share their parents’ bed, or share a bed with a brother or sister from a very early age. Bunk beds are not safe for toddlers, even if the lower bed is the one on which they will sleep.

toddler cot bunk beds 2The Lullaby Trust recommends babies sleep in a crib, a carry cot or a Moses basket in the same room as the parents for the first six months. RoSPA also warns that bunk beds can pose a hazard to children under six years of age where entrapment (becoming wedged or trapped in the bed) can lead to strangulation, suffocation and injury to the neck or spine. NEW! The Shanticot Convertible Twin Bunk Cot Bed is an exceptional double cot bed that is perfect for twin babies and children. A safe and secure double bunk cot bed solution for both parents of twins and childcare professionals that will last from birth for up to 6 years!. The cots can be used as two single beds or configured as a bunk bed using the included steel stack adapters. Weight tolerance: 200lbs. per single cot. Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk Cots.

Most children move from sleeping in a cot to a bed somewhere between the ages of two and three and a half years. Bunk beds should be avoided for children younger than nine years because of the risk of falls. It can be configured as two cots (below), a cot and a toddler bed (above) or two toddler beds (bottom). Moving your toddler from his cot into a bed is a milestone for both him and you – he’s no longer a baby now! Here’s how decide your toddler’s ready, ways to manage the transition, and how to keep him safe in his new bed. Children shouldn’t sleep on the top bunk until the age of 6.

Eight-month-old Baby Girl ‘died When She Got Wedged Between A Mattress And Ladder In Her Bunk Bed’ After Health Visitor Advised Them She Should Have Her Own Room

toddler cot bunk beds 3Buy Bunks Children’s beds at, visit to shop online for Home and garden. If your little one needs a cot or toddler bed, see our cots, cribs and cot beds. We have a cot bed from before and its not huge we just literally do not have anywhere to put it! I can fit the bunk, the toddler bed and the cot bed in all immediately beside one another but as my 2 yr old is toilet training at night she wouldnt be able to get in and out very easily. Children are in for a treat with our Classic Mid Sleeper Bed and beautiful house-shaped day bed – fun and practical all at once. Classic Sleigh Cot Bed. Classic Convertible Bunk Bed. Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk Convertible Cot Bunk Bed. 269.99. Buy exclusive range of Nursery & Children at With a selection of bunk bed, cot bed and single bed mattresses you should find everything you need to ensure that your child has a good night s sleep. This sleek, urban take on the traditional bunk bed design comes in a striking combination of dark and white wood. It can be a nightmare persuading kids to move from a cot to their first grown-up bed, but you should be able to ease the transition with this smart, birch bed, complete with two side rails for added reassurance.

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Both cases involved bunk and cabin beds, however strangulation can occur in any bed or cot, and CAPT has issued a warning to parents to make sure that beds and cots are kept clear of anything which may be a strangulation hazard.