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Yearly box office results for 2015. 10, The Martian, Fox, 630.2, 228.4, 36.2, 401.7, 63.8. Top 2015 Movies at the Worldwide Box Office. See also: Domestic Top 100 for 2015 – International Top 100 for 2015 Note: This chart contains the total worldwide box office for the top 100 movies released in 2015. This is a list of films which placed number one at the weekend box office for the year 2015.

top 10 movies 2015 box office 2With the summer movie season now over, let’s look at which films fared best at the North American box office. Smitten by the box office bug? Don’t miss reading our compilation of Bollywood films with highest box office collections in 2015. Find out the best and worst films released this summer, get details on the season’s highest-grossing releases and overall box office performance, and see how accurate our users’ Metascore predictions turned out to be.

From The Last Witch Hunter to Jem and the Holograms: your guide to the movies that have failed to set the box office alight in 2015. But then, audiences were more fixated on the fact Penn took his top off every few seconds. Hugh Jackman grossed only a 10th of its budget in its opening weekend, and stands to lose Warner Bros 100 million if it doesn’t become a make up a lot of ground overseas. Chinese filmmakers made strong gains against Hollywood in 2015, claiming seven of the top 10 spots for the year. The country is expected to surpass North America as the world’s largest movie market sometime in 2017 or sooner. Spectre stomps over Jurassic World to top 2015 UK box office so far.

Top 10 Box Office Hits Of Summer 2015

10 Highly-Anticipated Movies Being Released in 2015. 015 has been a fantastic year for blockbuster films with four movies breaking box office records and finding their way into the top ten of the highest-grossing films of all time. The top grossing animated movies of all time. Guess which one in Hollywood long history of animation led the list. A small group of scary movies have found lasting cultural success, and made a big splash at the box office. Top 10 thrillers. Once the calendar flips to October, fear seems to become big business, with movie ticket holders flocking to scary movies (which seem to be extending their reach well beyond the fall). Posted 24 Oct. 2015. Gross Collections of all the movies released in 2016, Bollywood Box Office- Check out Bollywood Box Office Update, Hindi Movie Release Dates, Top 5 Hindi Movies, Special Features and more onlyon Bollywood Hungama, India’s premier bollywood portal. There are three clear cut favorites so far for the best movie of 2015. You’ll see them in the top slots below. The rest of the field is a subjective assortment.

2015’s Biggest Box Office Bombs

Here is the Recently updated list of Top 10 Tollywood ‘Telugu’ highest grossing Movies of 2015 at Box Office collection in India. Tollywood film industry is the Thard biggest film industry in worldwide after Hollywood and Bollywood. 015 was a big year at the box office, with records being broken basically almost every month. Check out the top 10 biggest movies below!