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Top Hung System – order from the Hfele America Shop. CRL70 Series Top Hung Sliding Door Kits. Back To. CRL70 Series End Cover for Slider Top Track. Straight Sliding 307. for top hung timber or metal doors to 2000kg. Designed to allow very heavy and large industrial doors to be easily moved. To cover any width of opening, any number of doors can be used on single or multiple lines of track.

top hung sliding door hardware 2Straightaway 75 (861kb) Top hung sliding hardware for timber and aluminium doors or gates up to 75kg. Can be used internal or external. Maximum Mass: 75kg. Top hung sliding bypass door hardware consists of 2 parallel track lengths (or track rails) mounted in an opening allowing doors to ‘bypass’ each other. Optional break metal covers are available on special order to help conceal the operating hardware.

All top hung sliding door gear systems have a maximum weight limit per pair of trolley hangers. The rollers also have safety locks that prevent the doors from jumping of the tracks. Brio offers hardware solutions for room dividers in residential and commercial applications. Brio produces hardware for straight sliding top hung doors as well as straight sliding bottom rolling doors which are ideal for internal and external spaces. SDS supply sliding door gear for interior and exterior sliding doors and folding doors, with sliding door gear handles and locks to suit. Exterior top hung and bottom rolling systems for sliding folding doors up to 900mm wide and 60kg per leaf, especially popular when used for extensions, patios, balconies and garage doors.

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Our Steel Top Hung Sliding Doors are built with narrow Secco OS2 thermally-broken profiles, same as our hinging doors and windows. Simply unlock the primary door and you can push one or all of the doors with no additional hardware complication. – Top Mounted Sliding Doors design ideas and photos. The COBURN range includes two systems for small closet doors, Top Hung and Bottom Rolled. Both straight sliding and folding door systems are available for wardrobe and full height closet doors. Sliding door hardware styles include box rail hardware, flat track hardware and tubular stainless steel. The hanger can be surface mounted or recessed into the top of the door. PRL’s Tiffany Series Top Hung Sliding Glass Door System features hardware with Circular Patch Fittings and a Head Facial application. The top-hung, heavy-duty, narrow track is the perfect solution for limited head space. Universal Telescopic is ideal for use with the Soltaire 120 system for top hung timber doors weighing up to 120kg.

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