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The following is a list of all catchphrases heard in Toy Story 1-3. A list of catch-phrases and quotes from the Toy STories Movies supplied by CatchPhrases. Woody: It’s a long story, I’ll explain later. Here! Catch this! Buzz: Are you saying you want to lodge a complaint with Star Command? Woody: Oh-ho! Woody: Coming to life for the first time in the film Pull my string!

toy story woody pull string sayings 2Toy Story Woody Pull String Sayings. Finds all information about Toy Story Woody Pull String Sayings in different sites and blog basing on the search criteria you’ve entered – Searchkita. He is a pull-string cowboy doll based on a character of the same name from a 1950s children’s television series called Woody’s Roundup. In the first Toy Story, Woody is Andy’s favorite toy and leader of Andy’s toys. Toy Story quotes represent one of those aspects, as its one-liners are as memorable as they come. Woody, one of his pullstring sayings. 18.

Can you name the words in the seven quotes that Woody says in the Toy Story trilogy when the string is pulled? Press the blue or green oval button for regular talking phrases. Press the red round button to release Buzz s wings for intergalactic missions! Disney/Pixar WOODY TALKING ACTION FIGURE. The Toy Story Collection toys arguably represent the most accurate Toy Story toys on the market. They are the same height, they speak the same lines, wear the same colors and the same facial expressions as their counterparts in the films. Pull his string for classic Woody Toy phrases.

Toy Story Woody Pull String Sayings

toy story woody pull string sayings 3Now you can add our Toy Story 3 Talking Sheriff Woody to your Toy Story collection! Pull his string to hear him talk, and then remove his hat to hear him respond to your action. His fun phrases let you know you’ve got a friend in Woody. You got to have the original woody toy from back in the 90’s! It had the pull string, sayings, and everything! permalink; save; give gold. Buy Toy Story Woody and Buzz Interactive Buddies Assortment at, visit Argos. Pull on the string to hear Woody talk and press the infrared buttons for Buzz to speak just like in the movies!. Buzz and Woody interact with each other using over a 100 sayings! WOODY PULL-STRING TALKING COWBOY DOLL 19 PHRASES – TOY STORY 3 Disney – NEW NIB in Toys, Hobbies, Character Toys eBay. Fun and funky, the Toy Story TS3 Talking Woody says lots of his favourite sayings with a gentle tug of the pull string on his back. About this item. Part of the Toy Story Collection – the most film accurate Sheriff Woody ever produced!

Woody’s Pull-string Quotes From Toy Story Quiz

I’ve heard a lot of bull about Woody not saying anything when his string is pulled, and I also know that the voice is not Tom Hanks, but it is quite similar to Hanks’ voice.