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Trying to remove the bed on a 99 F150, bolt size seems to be T-50 but all the sockets I tried seem too loose. do not want to strip bolt or socket. How to Replace the Fuel Pump on a Ford F-150. Our pickup had locking tabs on the bed bolts, so there was no need to have someone holding the nuts beneath the truck. I just removed the bed from a 1975 Ford F100 4×4 donor truck. It’s an old farm rust bucket. I noticed the bed bolts were torx type and looked to be in pretty good shape. That ones a lot newer then my f150, but shouldn’t be too bad.

truck bed bolts f150 2The best selection of Ford F-150 U Bolt Kits parts and accessories. Customer reviews, live chat, and a 30-day Guarantee. I removed my bed for paint the other day and out of the 6 bolts holding the bed down only 1 came out with not too much fuss. I just welded a piece of barstock to the bolts and had the friend that owned the truck hold it. 1994 F150 Lightning (351W-R, E4OD) 2011 F150 SCab (5. Hey anyone know what size the bed bolts are on a 2006 F-350? I have tried a T50 and a T45 one to big the other to small? I heard rumour that they are. I just went out to the truck it verified it (from my Matco set BTW, that has everything) FYI there is such a thing as a T47, it is a bit small but could possibly work for you.

Archive what type of tool for bed bolts Exterior. Can someone tell me the type and size of tool i need to remove the bolts on the bed of my truck i need to access the fuel pump but dont have the tool to remove the bolts to the bed. This is an 06 f150. Bedrug BedTred Full Truck Bed Liner Installation – 2015 Ford F-150. Today on our 2015 Ford F-150, we’re going to take a look at and show you haw to install the BedTred Custom Full Truck Bed Liner. There are also dimple areas that will accommodate the bed bolts.Youll notice that the bed mat comes up approximately three inches all the way around your bed except for the tailgate. It is a 1976 Ford F-150 2WD long bed, Trailer Special. Features include; 2 wheel drive. Backed the truck under it, pulled the bed bolts, and lifter the bed off. Then put the truck back in nose first in the other bay, with room to spare for pulling the engine.

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