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Mon-Friday: 9:00-6:00. Sat: 9:00-3:00. TRUCK BED SIZE CHARTS. Measure Outside to Outside Front & Rear for Width. Measure Outside to Outside For Length. We compare the cargo box dimensions between the current pickup trucks in the market. Our truck bed comparison allows you to see the pickup right for you. Below is our truck bed size comparison chart. Show. Pickup Truck Cab And Bed Sizes Are Important When Selecting AccessoriesPickup Truck Cab And Bed Sizes Are Important When Selecting Accessories.

truck bed dimensions chart 2First I’ll tell you a few things to watch out for, and then I’ll break down the major changes in truck bed dimensions for different makes in the last few decades. Most full-size trucks can carry at least 1,000 lb (450 kg) in the rear bed, with some capable of over five times that much. The bed is usually constructed so as to accommodate a 4 ft (1. Random and short question.. anyone know the length and width of a supercab Ford F150 pickup bed? From pictures it looks long enough but looks are often deceiving! Tom.

How to Compare Truck Bed Dimensions; What Are the Dimensions of Beds? Are you trying to determine what bed and cab size combinations are/were available for a specific year, make, and model of truck? If so, this is your guide. See all specifications of the F-150 pickup truck. See exterior & interior specs, engine, chassis, towing specs & more.

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Purchase the size that most closely resembles the inside dimensions of the upper rail of your pickup truck bed or trailer. Rubber truck mats custom cut to fit the bed of your pickup. Recycled Rubber Truck Bed Mats. Make, Year, Model, Stk Number, Thick, Size, Weight, Price. Match the correct size Truck Bed Air Mattress to your truck. All Truck Bedz models listed. LEER has answers to our most frequently asked questions about LEER truck caps, toppers, tonneau covers and truck accessories. What are the inside and outside dimensions of the truck cap I’m planning to buy? I don’t see my make/model/year truck in your online fit charts. Quick Reference for Ordering a Truck Beds. July 14th, 2013 by bigtex. Measurements will be required.

Standard Bed Dimensions Of An F-150