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Durabak truck bed liner is water resistant, flexible, sound dampening, chemical and UV resistant. Durabak also comes in a variety of colors such as: black, grey, green, red, blue, white, yellow and more. Gator Guard II Liner Kit in white seals and protects your truck bed A truck bed that’s lined with a tough, durable coating like Gator Guard II increases your truck’s resale value, reduces maintenance, and adds a nicely detailed look. Paints & Coatings. Herculiner Truck Bed Liner holds the top spot in popularity mainly because it was the first do-it-yourself bedliner on the market. Available in 1.7 liter BGG2/BGG2W 65.00 and 6.8 liter kits 225.00 in both white or black.

truck bed liner paint white 2White is always a question when it comes to tinting bed liners. Al’s Liner DIY Truck Bed Liner Kits can be tinted white, however you must keep in mind that it takes a very high density pigment to achieve a true white simply because Al’s is a urethane based truck bed paint. Custom Coat’s Truck Bed Liner can be applied to most original manufacturers finishes. The surface should be lightly scuffed, and free from dirt and rust. Truck bed liner spray color coatings. We offer truck bed liners hand roller non slip paint. Pickup truck, camper top repair protection coating.

Stone bathroomthe homeowners recoated a plain white tub with a truck-bed liner so it would look more like stone and have a safe, non-slip surface. My DIY bike rack made all from PVC and painted with black textures truck bed liner paint. Buy Rust-Oleum Truck Bed Coating, 124 oz at Rust-Oleum Truckbed Paint, 1qt 1. The application kit (another piece of worthless junk) had a smooth paint roller with a handle that you could not secure, thus insuring that your knuckles were in the paint on every dip. A: Black, Gray Red & White. A: The retail kit comes with 1 gallon of Herculiner, additional quarts are available for long beds or other applications.

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Truck Bed liner 5 Gallon Paint. Truck Bed Liners custom colors available at additional cost, and with a minimum of a two gallon order. Please call 1-800-270-0777 for a price quote on your custom color. (product of Midwest Chemicals Inc.). It is also good to know that your Scorpion Truck Bed Liner will retain its color and shine long after other liners have faded or changed colors. Scorpion Truck Bed Liners offer a vast number of other options as well. Color matching your bed liner to your truck’s paint color is certainly an option. Even if your truck paint has metallic flake in it, that look can be achieved. A few of the little rubber granules have broken out of the paint as things have been dragged along in the bed. You get a little white spot there, but no problem. Our Bedliner process has been very satisfactory on many trucks. Cheap, durable and good looking. Standard vehicle paints can only take this sort of abuse for a short time before they begin to flake and inevitably rust. A coating of Protecta Kote can remedy even in the worst cases of pickup damage. With basic preparation, Protecta Kote can be brushed or sprayed into the load space to give a very hard wearing, anti-slip surface. Shop for nonslip rubber bed liners, truck bed mats, and roll on protective bed liners from Dee Zee, Access, Better Built, and Rust-Oleum at Mills Fleet Farm. Find HERCULINER Quart Black Bed Liner at Lowes offers a variety of quality home improvement products that are available for purchase online or in store.

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Cause when they spray in the liners they are crazy durable! There are DIY bedliner paints, some of which can be applied with rollers and brushes. You can get Durabak in numerous colors and you can get it in white which accepts paint tint for a somewhat wider array of colors – though you’re on your own there. It is available in Black, White, Gray, Red, Green and Brown – the colors most wanted by light Pickup truck owners who are looking for an excellent DIY Liquid Truck Bed Liner. WHAT A Liner can be painted, sprayed or rolled over rust, existing damage, and old paint or directly on metal surface. Herculiner HCL0W8 White Brush-on Truck Bed Liner Kit – 1 Gallon Review.