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Basic Subwoofer Box Construction for Pioneer’s TS-SW124Ds, into a Standard-Cab Chevy S10 Pickup Truck, on sporttruck. So if the dimensions of your box were 12 by 12 by 12, the formula would be 12x12x12, which equals 1,728 ci. Some truck owners choose to place subwoofer boxes in the truck bed, but this may be seen as an extreme remedy as it requires one to cut a hole between the truck bed and cab. How to Build a Sub Box for a Single Cab Truck. There is no trunk in a truck, and door speakers are variable and largely ineffective at producing deep bass. The speaker’s size plus 1 inch is one of your outside dimensions. The inside dimension subtracts twice the MDF thickness, or 2 times 3/4 inch 1 1/2 inches.

truck sub box dimensions 2FST240 – Subwoofer Box / Enclosure. Fits most full sized regular cab trucks up to 2006. Dual 10 or 12 Subwoofer Enclosure. Air Volume: 1.21 Cubic Ft. Designing and building your own subwoofer can be a rewarding experience. The woodworking entails building a box, bracing the inside, and staining or painting the box. Access to a truck (to move boards of wood around) Router (this is used to cut the circles that the subwoofer will be sitting it, while getting a router is optional it is very helpfull to have one to get dimensions right) Items you need to buy: Suboofer of your choice Wood Speaker wire Terminals Speaker Wire Optional Items you can buy: Subwoofer box feet (optional) Paint or stain or box carpet (optional) Insulation (optional, what insulation does is help dampen the box, this can give clear and deep sounding bass) Speaker grills. The Compact Box Recommendation is for when a DD user has limited space, due to physical dimension limitations. If you are after max energy, you are probably not looking for single sub applications anyway. For standard to metric conversion, simply multiply dimensions by 2.54 to get units of centimeters.

Subwoofer box calculator instructions on how to solve for the dimensions of a ported or vented enclosure. I will be going with RE AUDIO SEX12D2 12 inch subs so there will be 2 subs under the back seat some help im up in the air for porteed or vented please help. I’m actually gonna add 10’s under my back seat of my crew cab chevy in individual box’s. My buddy 2 12’s in his ext cab truck under the seat and they hit hard and i have found pre made boxes on ebay with them down fireing so i know it can work. This page is designed to help you determine the proper dimensions for a speaker enclosure. There are some ratios which are typically used to determine an enclosure shape that will help to minimize standing waves in the familiar rectangular speaker box.

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Then the enclosure side dimensions are calculated automatically using another piece of free software. Finally the cut sheet for the wood is optimized and printed out to take to the lumber yard (again, free software is used). Building a Truck Box Subwoofer Enclosure. How do i build a slot port..i have the dimensions. I have the dimensions..if anybody knows, please tell me. If anybody knows, please tell me. How do i bulid a single 10 inch truck sub box if any one has any tips please let me know Timothy.

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