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One of the challenges of a job that moves me around the world into furnished quarters is that the standard issue furniture in question doesn’t always meet my personal needs. Though I originally reconfigured the shelves in the upper cabinet to store wine, I eventually moved the wine to the bottom cabinets out of the light. I picked these up at the hardware store for about 10 each; they run on AAA batteries and you just have to press the housing around the bulbs to turn them on and off. Now that you’ve got a new flat-screen TV hanging on the wall, what are you supposed to do with the expensive cabinet that used to house your old set? Turn an old TV cabinet or armoire into a wine cabinet to store bottles of wine, glassware and other accessories. Super simple DIY project.

turn armoire into wine cabinet 2As we got out of the car we saw this cool armoire sitting outside in front of the store. First we installed wine holders on each side of the cabinet. As if turning this cabinet into a bar was not enough, we had to take it to the next level. With a little ingenuity, you can move your antique armoire into the 21st century without sacrificing any of the furniture’s old-fashioned charm. By adding a bottle storage rack below and a wine-glass hanger above, an armoire quickly goes from ho-hum to party central. 5 Unexpected Ways to Use a Vintage Coat Rack. Flat televisions made TV armoires unnecessary and at the same time more people are collecting wine. Repurpose your armoire into a wine cabinet and save yourself the hassle of selling it or disposing it, while creating a chic place to store your wine.

Converting an armoire into a dry bar makes matching existing dcor easy. Size a wine rack to slide into one of the shelves, or install a small wine cooler if possible. TV armoire turned wine cabinet – lovely outside. +2MartinezMarisa. I feel like it wouldn’t be too hard to repurpose an old armoire into this. Rustic Wine Rack, Liquor Cabinet Reclaimed Wood Handmade Primitive Barn Wood.

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turn armoire into wine cabinet 3Then we could at least get rid of the wine cabinet already in here. The armoire. We have three dogs and we were tired of the wine bottles getting dusty on the wine rack. This gets everything out of the open and out of your cabinets into an organized area that is very attractive. Houzz.com – Converted Armoire design ideas and photos. Gym Home Bar Hall Laundry Staircase Wine Cellar; More Rooms. The linen cabinet is a thrift store find – an old TV armoire with glass put in the doors and a coat or two of paint. Instead of putting your old TV armoire on the curb, consider turning it into a wine cabinet. Most styles are big enough to hold a moderate collection, and you’ll be putting your furniture investment to good. Turn an old sled into a unique pot rack that’s sure to get noticed. Transform an armoire into a potting center that meets every need your green thumb could have. Convert An Armoire Into A Wine Bar! True Treasures has a large selection of armoires for sale at great prices. You rememberthese 1980’s TV cabinets?

How To Convert An Armoire To A Dry Bar

What do you do with a wonderful sewing machine cabinet that no longer has a working sewing machine? Well you can use it as a decorative piece remembering days gone by or your can remove the sewing machine pick your favorite color and create a. To turn an unsuspecting headboard. This armoire that was missing it’s doors was upcycled into this amazingly gorgeous piece by. Someone I knew did convert a TV cabinet into an aquarium. Reply. Arden Wine Cabinet w Rustic Cherry Finish. My Repurposed Life: Desk repurposed into a chest. Modern Wine Armoire, Cooled Portable Wine Cabinet.

And when people want to get rid of their television armoires, so. The store used to retool vintage wardrobes into TV armoires, so she figured it could convert her TV cabinet into an office armoire. Add wine- storage cubbies underneath.