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Flat-sided mallets are extremely useful, but when it comes to carving and other tasks where a light touch and much movement of the chisel is required, a turned mallet is the best choice. If you’ve never tried wood turning, we can recommend it as a fun and rewarding pursuit. I have learned to stop as soon as the blank rounds out to look at the wood. Woodturning Online offers turning projects, plans and articles for woodturners including information on bowl, pen and segmented turning using the lathe and lathe tools. Wood mallets are a good shop tool and one every turner should have in their own shop.

turned wooden mallet plans 2I must have hit the Tormek about 3 different times while turning this mallet. Then I used a pencil to mark out the transition dimensions on the blank where the mallet tapers, transitions to the handle, the handle flares, and then finally terminates. Wood Talk Latest Episodes. However, I don’t have a piece of wood that I can turn for this reason, so I have to laminate some blanks to do it. Hard rock maple or a tight grain maple wood is what I’ve used and seen most of. I just cut one last week and I plan to turn a mallet from it.

31-DP-00406 – Turned Mallet Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF. A wooden mallet is very useful in the workshop and I’ve been meaning to make one for a while. Now that I had established the maximum dimensions of the handle, I turned a profile on it that gave me a nice hand hold. Turning a Carver’s Mallet and a Wooden Assembly Hammer. by Ernie Conover Apr 17, 2012.

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Ben Light may love his lathe just a little too much, and in this video he shows us how to use it to turn a piece of firewood into the handle for a mallet, and a block of scrap wood into the head. Wood Turning Project: shop mallet with separate head and handle. Consideration is given to joining the head to the handle for perfect balance. This is how to make a club mallet from a log, Cherry in this case. br br The secret of drying out is absolutely no heat or dont leave it sitting in direct sunlight, keep it some where cool with a good air flow and you will be laughing, if you workshop is heated you are more likely to have it crack, I turned green wood bowls that came up lovely only to wake the next morning to see it crack from being brought into a centrally heated house. Four different mallet designs and two baby mallets. I turned the first and the second handles identical, then altered one of them into a hexagonal shape. That said, Ash is a fantastic wood for a mallet handle and is second to Hickory for being able to withstand shocks. I have used and still use wooden mallets in my immediate work. He said once I turned Osage Orange from a rough limb to a mallet that everything else would seem a breeze in comparison. Download free wooden mallet plan. The wooden mallet is one of the easiest tools to make, and is essential for all joinery and furniture making.

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Follow along and see how to turn a mallet on the lathe. Mallets come in a wide variety of designs. Square faced wood mallets, round turned wood mallets, leather hide mallets, and new man-made plastic mallets. Posts about turned wooden mallet plans written by ethridge207. I have made tools from scraps, locally harvested wood, exotic, and even fancy woods. I turned this mallet from another piece of Blue Oak that I had, taken from the fire wood pile. I am already planning on making some marking gauges for myself.

Wood Turning. However, when designing this particular carver’s mallet, I decided to incorporate some other woods. Continue to get plans delivered to you in our bi-monthly woodworking magazines!. Step by step gavel turning tutorial with wood threaded head and handle.