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I started by turning my handle into a comfortable shape that fits in my hand nicely and then I made an inch and a half long tendon at the top of the handle that matches my drill bit. I trued up my pice of wood and then made a mallet shape with it. This is a nice beginning spindle exercise that is good for beginning turners. While the carver’s mallet is straight spindle turning, the assembly hammer includes some unique lathe drilling techniques that are not easily accomplished on a drill press. A large selection of hand made, lathe turned, wooden trees.

turning wooden mallet 2I have used and still use wooden mallets in my immediate work. One of my first woodworking mentors made me turn my own mallet of Osage Orange as my first project under his guidance. So, they turned out not to be any good for creating the mallet I am after. So, my question would be, what wood is good for making these simple mallets, that could also take a good blow or three (as I also assist my in-law in some chair making activities) and where could I get these that would yield a really good tool? Affordable being an additional requirement. I thought this might make a good post on typical spindle turning. Let me warn you though that there is nothing typical about Lignum Vitae. I must have hit the Tormek about 3 different times while turning this mallet. Anyway, after cutting the block to an approximate length leaving about 1 inch on either end for mounting in the lathe, I marked the centers.

530 Small turned mallet or My first turning project! Oh no, now you will be one of those insufferable wood turners who make wonderful magic stuff. Making an Offset Mallet. P. Michael Henderson April 22, 2008. Here’s an interesting turning project which results in a useful wooden mallet. Offset Mallet finished. Somehow it turned up at a car boot sale near Martin’s home in Amble, Northumberland.

Why Not Mallets

turning wooden mallet 3Then, I turned the two remaining mallet handles, each with a different design. That said, Ash is a fantastic wood for a mallet handle and is second to Hickory for being able to withstand shocks. Turned between centres from a single lump of wood or length of branch, a mallet is a pretty straightforward bit of spindle-work. There are few technical demands, but you get to use a roughing gouge, spindle gouge, and skew chisel. The Vic Firth American Custom T5 Wood Timpani Mallets are a very hard special effects mallet. Turned from a single piece of rock maple, which eliminates a core that could rattle and the need for a screw-on washer to secure the head. Free download shopsmithturning a wooden mallet part or shopsmithturning a wooden mallet part wood turning a log on a shopsmith part and see more Shopsmith Turning A Wooden Mallet Part 1. Here is a video of me turning one of the carving style mallets. I used an entire log to turn this but because the heart is still inside it may have a tendency to crack so if you do, do this you need to have a completely dry log.

530 Small Turned Mallet Or First Turning