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A daybed is actually one of those multipurpose pieces of furniture that can be useful in small homes – couch-like seating during the day and a bed at night. It’s easy enough to just add a few extra pillows to a twin bed to make it into more comfortable seating, but if you only use it once in a while as a guest bed you might prefer it look more like a couch than a bed. They are not cheap to buy, but there are ways to make a spare single bed into a comfortable new lounge furnishing cheaply and easily. By learning about the ways to turn a single bed into a daybed, informed buyers can improve the look and feel of an office, bedroom, or living room with minimal cost. I found the above picture from They too used a twin bed to convert into a day bed. They also created additional storage by lifting the bed on top of cinder blocks gift wrapped in metallic vinyl fabric and plywood (also wrapped in vinyl) from a home improvement store.

twin bed into daybed 2Some beds make better daybeds than others. Since the ideal daybed functions as a couch, for seating comfort a twin bed, augmented by pillows or bolsters to provide back support when the user’s feet are on the floor, is best. In addition, if you are planning to use a decorative daybed frame, most if not all of them come in twin sizes only. Converting a twin bed into a daybedcan be done in a number of ways depending largely upon the style and positioning of the twin bed you have. A daybed makes better use of a twin bed during the day, for it doubles as a couch. At night, it makes a perfect convertible bed for guests. When you have guests over, you’re essentially inviting them into your bedroom. I would get twin bed, mattress and base and set it on the floor, white sheet on base, and on mattress, then cover it with linen or whatever I coud find that is beautiful. I am currently living in a VERY Tiny-ass Apartment with my two kids and I was just given a daybed to use as a couch.

It is about 2 inches shorter than the daybed, so need to take that into account when ordering a mattress. Why not you utilize the twin bed in some other interesting purpose? What about converting it into a daybed or comfortable Sofa bed? Wall Cushions! Cushions are best to convert the twin bed into a day bed. First of all you need to push the bed across the wall. Twin Headboards Makeover. A set of garage sale headboards gets a totally new look–and purpose.

How To Convert An Unused Bed Into A Daybed

twin bed into daybed 3For example, what if a sofa could transform into a bed, then into modular seating? Check out the images below for stylish space-saving solutions. Not to mention, it can be converted into a daybed, a queen-sized bed or two twin beds with a few simple adjustments. How to make a removable daybed cover that looks like an upholstered cushion with a self-welt detail. For a while, I thought of taking the easy way out and just covering it with a fitted twin bed sheet, since it is almost the same size. First, fold the fabric into fourths, so all four corners are together. Learn how to build a DIY daybed out of pallets with our original tutorial! Then I simply screwed them into the pallets on each 40 side. Turn a basic twin bed into a sofa-like day bed. An oversize, white, textured quilt tucked neatly around a single mattress sets the stage for a clean, tailored effect. Chic throw pillows in a uniform color scheme dress it up when company comes over. The ability to turn a single bed into a king bed has been fantastic when the kids are sick and you need to be near them at night, when guests come to stay and when the kids have friends for sleep overs. When it’s a daybed, the mattresses stack one upon the other, and a single, standard twin sheet fits over both of them perfectly (as I understand, we do not have the thinnest mattress, but I don’t know i Read more. IKEA – BRIMNES, Daybed frame with 2 drawers,, Four functions in one – seating, bed for one, bed for two and two big drawers for storage. Four functions in one – seating, bed for one, bed for two and two big drawers for storage. Read more. Size. Twin.

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