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Lemieux offers more glass choices than any other door manufacturer. You can customize any room and give it its own personality with a touch of glass. Make it even better by upgrading to our Low Emissivity (Low E) glass coating. This microscopic coating of silver oxide reflects radiant heat and helps you keep your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. Pilkington’s glass products will make your home more comfortable, secure & attractive. Visit us to find out more about our glass doors, roofs & windows. Doors are an important feature that help to set the style and aesthetics for the entire home. When deciding on what glass to use for your doors, you should consider a few key factors to help you make your decision including privacy, visual appeal, design consistency with existing doors or windows, energy efficiency, light and Continue reading Best types of glass for doors.

types of glass doors 2Different types of glass that are used in buildings are discussed, including safety glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, and energy efficient glass. Obscured textured & decorative glass for use in windows or doors See more about Stained Glass, Leaded Glass and Stained Glass Windows. Take a crystal-clear look at the sheer beauty of glass doors.

Office Door Types in Various Materials and Configurations such as Single, Double, Solid, Glass, Swing, Aluminum Frame and Sliding Doors – All are Easily Demounted. The Building Code of Australia has standards for windows and doors in terms of how they will perform when it rains or is windy; for what type of glass can be used in different types of windows and doors, in specific locations in your home; and for how your home must achieve a specified level of energy efficiency. At Heritage Windows, we manufacture quality windows made with low-E glass for maximum energy efficiency. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the best types of glass for windows based on the unique characteristics of your home.

Window Glass Types

types of glass doors 3Andersen offers several glass performance options to suit a variety of needs. Use the chart below to choose the one that works best for you. Thanks to designer trends, homeowners now have a variety of glass types, colors, and patterns to choose from. Discover the Glass Types of Shower Door Glass including Clear Glass, Low-Iron, Frosted, Rain, and Bronze Glass. Selecting the right glass Glass plays a unique and important role in building design and the environment. It affects design, appearance, thermal performance and occupant comfort. Doorglass Types. From clear glass, to door blinds between the glass, to an array of decorative designs, we have the doorglass that’s just right for your home.

Door Types (single, Double, Solid, Glass, Swing, Aluminum Frame And Sliding Doors)