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Here is your guide to our complete line of commercial garage doors and operators. Available in a variety of slat types and materials, our complete line of rolling doors and counter shutters perform in the most demanding industrial environments. Unsure of what garage door is best for your home? Learn about the different types with our useful guide! See our product index for types of overhead rolling doors Alpine offers, or view our online catalog.

types of overhead doors 2Which Wayne-Dalton residential garage door is right for me? The polyurethane insulation even provides better fire safety in that this type of insulation reduces the amount of smoke and flames in the event of a fire. If you’re shopping for a new garage door, style and material choices will be abundant, but which will meet your needs best?. A variety of insulated section thicknesses and insulation types with several choices of panel treatment styles make Insulated Haas Doors the perfect solution where the retention of heated or cooled air and quiet/smooth operation is required.

C.H.I. Overhead Doors manufactures industrial rolling steel doors, coiling Fire Doors, Fire Shutters, Counter Doors, Grilles and Side Folding Grilles to exceptional standards of quality. At Madsen Overhead Doors, Inc. we provide expert installation, repair and maintenance for commercial overhead doors. All of our associates are well trained in installation practices and repairs, and we are experienced in hanging overhead doors of all types and sizes. Types of Overhead Garage Doors. Overhead garage doors are the most commonly used model on the market. They have replaced traditional swinging garage doors that used regular hinges or pivots to operate.

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Includes information on costs, steel and wood garage doors, and more. The following information will give you buying advice for the major types of garage doors. Commercial doors must be reliable, durable, functional and secure. Oh yes, it helps if they are also attractive and competitively priced. Here is a sampler of the different types of garage doors we sell: 1. Garage doors can be categorized by the direction in which they open and the materials they’re made out of. The main types of. Find out more what type of rolling door or sectional door you need for your particular commercial need. Our service experts will repair all types of operators, doors, and replacement parts! Overhead Door Company of St. Louis has the highest quality installation, operators, and door accessories in St. ALCO OVERHEAD Doors, Service on all types garage doors. New door sales. Residential & Commerical. 217-346-2808.

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Door Types. Carriage House Collection. Overhead Door has been providing residential garage doors to homeowners for more than 90 years. With a wide range of quality residential garage door openers available, Overhead Door can help you find the perfect door for your home. While many of our customers turn to us for assistance with their garage doors, another one of our areas of expertise includes commercial sliding glass doors. Whatever type of industry you’re in, commercial sliding glass doors are an upgrade that could make a huge difference in the way your customers and members of the community view your company. Ideal for a host of applications in commercial, retail, corporate and professional environments, our comprehensive system of counter doors encompasses three basic types – metal curtain, wood curtain and integral frame and sill. Sectional doors are the most common type of overhead door found in commercial buildings and residential garages. They can also be one of the most difficult overhead doors to force when they are designed to meet new standards for wind resistance (photo 1).

There are plenty of different types of overhead doors that a company can choose from, each offering a variety of protections, including the ability to connect them to a motor so that they can only be opened from an inside button, for example, remote, or other device that is controlled within the facility.