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Who’s who in Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet. 14 September 2015. From the section UK Politics. New Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has named his first shadow cabinet. Who are they and what is likely to be their policy focus? The Shadow Cabinet is a group of politicians from the political party with the second highest number of MPs in the House of Commons. Attorney General Catherine McKinnell becomes first shadow cabinet member to walk out. As we approach a vote on the UK’s membership of the European Union, we look at what 50 writers, actors, historians, artists and comedians have said about Europe and its nations.

uk shadow cabinet 2Define shadow cabinet. shadow cabinet synonyms, shadow cabinet pronunciation, shadow cabinet translation, English dictionary definition of shadow cabinet. Labour was facing major embarrassment today after it emerged that one of its current Shadow Cabinet ministers had described its former MPs in Scotland as f cking useless. The SNP’s Shadow Commons Leader Pete Wishart pounced on the remarks, telling HuffPost UK: ”Labour’s election disaster in Scotland was inevitable following their toxic campaign alliance with the Tories in the referendum and their extraordinary support for George Osborne’s austerity and cuts – hitting families and communities hard. Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet reshuffle: Recap updates as defence chief Maria Eagle replaced by Emily Thornberry. I hope Labour retains its strong and dear position to campaign for the United Kingdom to remain in the EU.

GETTY. Andy Burnham could quit the Shadow Cabinet if he runs for mayor next yearAndy Burnham, the Shadow Home Secretary, has been approached to run as the first mayor of Greater Manchester next year. The revelation comes as Labour is poised to lose key seats across the country following local elections in England, Wales and Scotland. It took two days, but Jeremy Corbyn has finished reshuffling his shadow cabinet. In the end, two people were sacked: Michael Dugher, and Pat McFadden. Both were dismissed on grounds of disloyalty. The other major change was moving Maria Eagle from shadow defence secretary to shadow culture secretary a brief abruptly vacated by Mr Dugher. The UK’s shadow foreign secretary, Hilary Benn and shadow home secretary, Andy Burnham have offered to trade positions just days before Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s much-anticipated first reshuffle of his cabinet.

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The party supported a UK-wide 50p rate in its general election manifesto but has not committed to using new powers to introduce one in Scotland. Fallon made the comments following the announcement that Corbyn’s shadow cabinet reshuffle would see Maria Eagle, who supports the current Labour policy to renew Britain’s nuclear weapons programme, moved from the defence brief to culture and replaced with Thornberry. North Korea’s deeply disturbing claim to have exploded its first hydrogen bomb underlines the importance of taking our national security seriously, not handing it to a Labour party that would unilaterally disarm Britain. Can you name the Names of UK Shadow Cabinet Ministers? – a quiz by schnellpatel. Shadow Cabinet members are a little disorientated after the heated discussion on Trident that they were expecting at today s meeting. They rubbished this widely held belief confirming it is emphatically a UK decision’s and the UK’s alone. Mr Corbyn has rejected the warnings of his shadow cabinet over Trident nuclear weapons and warned he could give party members the final say on party policy. ‘And there also has to be a policy of what we do to ensure protection of skills and jobs throughout British industry that are in some part reliant on the Trident nuclear programme. U.K. opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn fired his culture spokesman, Michael Dugher, as he reshuffled his shadow cabinet amid continued opposition to his policies from many of the party’s members of Parliament.

Fresh Blow For Jeremy Corbyn As Andy Burnham Could Quit Shadow Cabinet