Unfancy Capsule Wardrobe Planner Sample Plans PDF

I have a gift for you: a new + better version of the free capsule wardrobe planner! I’ve been planning my Summer wardrobe these past few weeks + using the planner like crazy, but there were a few useful things missing from it. DIY your capsule using Unfancy’s free planner. Simply print it out + play!. Like I mentioned earlier this week, I discovered Caroline’s Capsule Wardrobe concept on her blog, un-fancy.com, and felt inspired to pare down my closet to my favorites and clean out some clutter. I printed out her planner tool, and did a couple of the worksheets to get my ideas straight.

unfancy capsule wardrobe planner 2Using her free, downloadable PDF capsule wardrobe planner, I will document my own attempts to whittle down my 100-piece winter wardrobe (this includes shoes and outerwear) to 37 pieces. Why Caroline has settled on the number 37 for her capsule collections. Caroline, the Austin-based blogger of Unfancy (who is currently on hiatus), describes a wardrobe capsule as. I recommend considering a 4X4 wardrobe planner or reading the vivienne files blog-it seems the easiest way to achieve maximum flexibility. Check out un-fancy.com’s spring capsule ( for some inspiration on the classic pieces to includeand then add your own flair to it.

During the last two weeks of the season, plan and shop for your next capsule. 5. A guide to starting your own capsule wardrobe with a free workbook. I’m currently planning Peyton’s winter capsule wardrobe too so I’ll post on that soon! I’m going to base her’s on baby pink, baby grey and subtle prints. If you want to get in on the capsule wardrobe action, check out Un-Fancy for how to plan your own.

Ef Magazine: Un-fancy Your Closet

unfancy capsule wardrobe planner 3While I don’t plan on sharing daily outfits, I will check in with updates now and again throughout the season. Love Courtney’s site and minimalism tips (more than Un-Fancy, I’d have to say). The beauty of a capsule wardrobe is that it’s applicable to any style, yet the end goal is the same: to save you time getting dressed, money spent on clothes and energy thinking about what to wear. Check out the Unfancy wardrobe planner. This entry was posted in Fash Flash and tagged capsule wardrobe, Capsule Wardrobe AW14, Un-fancy.com, wardrobe planning by Rebeccaflorencefinds. Bookmark the permalink. While I’m currently being forced into a capsule wardrobe during these pregnancy days, I definitely plan to implement this strategy for real when I’m no longer carrying a basketball under my shirt;). If you are in need of more simplicity in your life or a style refresh, be sure to check out all the specifics on creating a capsule wardrobe from Caroline at Un-Fancy. If I had to guess, I’d say that for most people, a capsule wardrobe isn’t easily do-able for a variety of reasons. I highly recommend her wardrobe planner especially! Last week, I introduced you to my recent wardrobe obsession: capsule wardrobes.

The Capsule Wardrobe: How To Reduce Your Closet To 37 Pieces