Unisaw Folding Outfeed Table Sample Plans PDF

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While working on my router table I discovered that I was in desperate need for a more permanent outfeed table for my Unisaw. Cutting sheet goods by myself is already enough of a challenge without having to worry about pieces falling off the end of the table saw as the pieces are cut. With an MDF top, the larger folding portion would put a lot of stress on those hinges. I have had a few requests for more details on my old folding outfeed table. I’ve been using the HTC roller outfeed table for a few years now and I absolutely love it. I had built an outfeed table for my Unisaw sometime in the last millenium with some additional features. I am back to making my own and was wondering if anyone has a good set of plans or pictures of a shopmade outfeed table for a Delta Unisaw.

unisaw folding outfeed table 2EKHO Mobile Workshop Front View showing cabinet saw, router table, folding outfeed table, workbench, 3 storage drawers, casters, stabilizer clamps. It is hinged to the main outfeed table and supported by a single leg attached with a spring hinge so it will fold easily. Also visible is my under-floor dust collection and the tablesaw and jointer connections. An Outfeed Table is an important accessory for the tablesaw. I designed my table with a stationary section, which is attached to the saw, and a folding section that can be lifted when needed for long stock.

So a few months ago I sold my large table saw station because it was just too big. And here I’m showing you how I’ve made my biggest table saw outfeed table to date. Many people overcome this limitation by adding a fixed section of the outfeed table, connected to the TS top, clear of the dust port, then the fold down section, which can be up to 35 deep. That got me thinking about a more permanent solution for my own outfeed needs. Key to my design would be the ability to fold the majority of the table down when not in use to conserve space while adding about 12 of permanent table area behind the blade.

Outfeed Table For Delta Unisaw

I could build my folding outfeed table, but put the profiles around it and have both! I am planning to build an outfeed table/MFT for my Unisaw. OutfeedTable106. Adjustable folding legs. Back to the album index. Click on Picture to Enlarge.

An Easy Table Saw Outfeed Table Design That Can Be Completely Customized To Your Needs