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I had my router table on my TS extension long ago. In order to compensate for the left tilt motor and the left side router table space constraint, I left the cast iron extension wing in place. This setup requires 110 overall footprint for the saw and tables AND with the positioner fully extended for a 52 rip, you need an additional 30 to the right of the table saw extension table for a total of 140 or 11. MLCS extension router table top and fence mounts to any table saw.

unisaw router table extension 2I want to put this stuff in the side table of my 50 Unisaw. Sort of like that router table of Norm’s that yall are always talking about stuck under and supporting the side table. As for attaching the cabinet, I simply screwed it to the extension table and let gravity do the rest. I was in the market for a router table but I just couldn’t justify anywhere from three to fifteen hundred dollars for one. A friend suggested I use the extension table on my new Delta Unisaw for a router table, because it had a good fence and plenty of room. The Unifence requires an extension table on the right of the saw to operate. The Unifence is used as the router fence, the aluminum fence is removed and replaced with a custom router fence when the router bit needs to be buried.

I have one on my Delta Unisaw and it works very well. I have my router mounted in my table saw extension and I don’t recall ever having any setup conflics. I am wanting to mount a router table to the left end of the saw, and have not found exactly what I need, so I was hoping you smart fellas might give me some guidance. I think the WoodPeckers phenolic table might work, and it’s black, like the Uni’s extension table, but I really was hoping to find a cast-iron table extension that fits both the Uni and the PlungeLift. Expand your table saw’s versatility by adding this industrial grade router table in place of the extension wing. I put this extension on the right side of my unisaw.

Router Lift In A Unisaw Side Table

Unisaw Upgrades – Sliding Table & Router Table. The sliding table was then bolted to the saw using the original bolts for the Delta left extension table. While working on my router table I discovered that I was in desperate need for a more permanent outfeed table for my Unisaw. Cutting sheet goods by myself is already enough of a challenge without having to worry about pieces falling off the end of the table saw as the pieces are cut. I’m fix’n to build a right extension and cutoff table for my saw and am looking for ideas. EKHO Mobile Workshop Front View showing cabinet saw, router table, folding outfeed table, workbench, 3 storage drawers, casters, stabilizer clamps. Shop Made Unisaw Mobile Base and Extension Table..now with Old Woodworking Machine Porn. Now with Old Woodworking Machine Porn. I made a little shelf in the front of the top drawer to store my router bit block and small router parts. 228310) for several years now, and I’m getting serious enough about my woodworking to want yes, I’d love to have a high-end saw like the Delta Unisaw, but cost and space are limiting factors. You could even build a router table into one extension wing – I did.

Table Saw Extension Router Table

Highlights. All photos. Jointech fence and SmartLift on vintage Unisaw with Peachtree router table extension. 13 photos. Shared publicly. Dec 29, 2013. Photo.