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Any Color Will Update Metal Cabinets. We had the white metal kitchen cabinets also and they get dirty and greasy so easy. So we painted them with gloss paint in an attractive color to match the rest of he kitchen and now they are easy to just wipe off. We purchased a Levitt home and the original metal kitchen cabinets are great (lots of storage, great stainless stell counter tops), but they are dark brown and I would like to lighten up the room by painting the cabinets. Have someone from the autobody business come and look at them – that would be the best way to redo them. Metal kitchen cabinets are an attractive, durable addition to any kitchen. Because they can be stripped and refinished without any danger of warping the metal, they are also a very desirable choice for homeowners who enjoy frequently changing and updating their kitchen.

update metal kitchen cabinets 2My kitchen cabinets are mostly metal with the exception of the doors on the upper cabinets, which are wood. What would be the best way to have these cabinets repainted? They are currently lemonade yellow which really isn’t me. Try these easy ways to update your cabinets with paint, molding, inserts, and new hardware. Bring nature into your kitchen with this wood-and-metal cabinet redo. Weave strips of wood over and under metal rods to create this design. Q. My metal kitchen cabinets are from the 1950s or earlier. I would like to paint them since I cannot afford to replace them. We are trying to redo the kitchen and keep it as retro as possible. What can I use?

Explore the history of Steel Kitchen cabinets — complete with pictures, a list of known brands, tips on assembling your own vintage steel kitchen and FAQ. Metal kitchen cabinet colors in from 1953-1963: It wasn’t until about 1953 that things started to settle down, construction-wise, in America. Update: Viking discontinued the St. Charles brand in early 2012. A fresh coat of paint gives new life to vintage metal cabinets. From the mid 1930s to the mid 1960s, metal cabinets for kitchens were popular and stylish. To remedy the outdated interiors of the cabinets, I painted the insides the same white as I painted the exteriors and I painted the backside of all the cabinet doors with chalkboard paint (seen here). For nearly a year I have been hoping to buy industrial metal stools kinda like these.

Steel Kitchen Cabinets

update metal kitchen cabinets 315 Easiest Ways to Totally Transform Your Kitchen Cabinets. The finish will brighten as it dries and the water evaporates, leaving behind the metal flakes. Give your kitchen an economical facelift by updating old, worn cabinets. Simply apply a fresh coat of paint and add new hardware to make your kitchen look new again. TSP can corrode metal and damage finished wood. Be sure to wear protective eyewear, clothing and rubber gloves. When I painted my kitchen cabinets years ago, I didn’t even know about chalk paint. Paint half the cabinets for a high-contrast look. A palette of black and white with wood and metal accents looks sleek and modern in the kitchen.

Steel Kitchen Cabinets