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I had a UPS store box for a long time and didn’t get much use out of it, but I’m thinking I’ll need a business address again. Hi everyone, I am also looking to get a business street address, I was going to go to UPS but it is kind of expensive here, I thought about the virtual mailboxes but there are fees associated with forwarding that probably make it just as expensive, I am researching options right now, anybody know of a good low budget virtual mailbox company?Thanks,. UPS stores offer a great alternative mailbox service with a few key benefits, although the cost tends to be a little higher than a traditional PO box. Warning: If you sign up for a mailbox at a non-USPS location, you will not ever be able to file a change of address for it with the postal service. Also, it’s probably a franchise, meaning UPS (with their potentially-consumer-benefiting concerns about maintaining their brand) has no control over pricing, meaning the store might decide to double the fee for that mailbox at some point and leave you with a tough choice. My particular UPS Store, while not bending on their pricing which is now 4x the cost a USPS box, did say that it is their policy to hold mail from terminated boxes for a little while and to turn it over to the former box owner if they check in, after which they return it to the postal service.

standing pantry 2PO Boxes are cheaper than UPS private mailboxes and may be located in more convenient locations, so I see this as a positive development for people who want an alternate address for themselves or a new small business venture. Can you rent a UPS box and receive fedex and USPS packages to it? UPS didn’t do that and they cost a ton more money. Reply. Not bad as you get a real address and not a P.O. box. They even give you a key to the store. I have a UPS address, paying more but price varies with the size. UPS Store Mailbox – Comsumer ALERT! STAY AWAY FROM UPS STORES AND MAILBOX RENTALS. Call back, they confirm package is there & 10 fee.

When the UPS Store almost doubled their price for my P.O. Box I decided to move my address to a regular mail box. AND they are close to the same price as the Post Office box rentals, and sometimes cheaper!. I’ve rented via UPS in the past, but the price has gone up since I last rented, and USPS now allows street addresses in the same way UPS does (MyUSPSAddress St, myPOBoxNumber), and also has Real Mail Notification texts. Learn how to rent a mailbox with UPS. With our mailbox solutions, you can get a real address for secure mail and package deliveries. Additional fees may apply.

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The UPS Store offers consumers and small businesses shipping, printing, document, and mailbox services. Keep in mind that the prices of P.O. Boxes and UPS Store Mailboxes vary by site, so you’ll need to do your own homework. Anyone have or know the costs of renting a box at the local UPS Store? I want a PO Box and like the idea of actually having a physical address associated with it. Our secure private mail box rental prices start at just 20 per month. USA Mail Box Rentals – The Mailbag, USA – FedEx Shipping Services, UPS,. At PostNet of Okemos we offer Private Mailbox Rentals. Our Private Mailboxes come with a prestigious Okemos street address – which therefore allows you to receive shipments not only from the USPS, but FedEx, UPS, DHL and other couriers; Shipping Prices vary by shipping method (FedEx or UPS ground), weight and zone.

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In addition to packaging services and supplies, UPS Stores proffer printing services for large-quantity flyer makers and mailbox rentals for lazy messenger pigeons. Mailbox Rental Fees Boston MA PO Box Rental Massachusetts Corporate Address, register your MA Corporation with our Massachusetts Registered Agent service. UPS will accept letters with a P.O. Box address, but won’t deliver to that address.