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The act of putting one’s hands upon wood grain, an often faux-wood type of molding often found in luxury automobiles, especially on the steering wheel. Top Definition. grippin grain. Holdin a SLAB havin woodgrain steerin wheels. I was grippin grain, then make it rain but laws bust my SLAB! But I don’t give a fuck! Woodgrain is a type of material that goes on the dashboard and doors of a car. Leather is talkign about leather on the seats. I’m riding with Woodgrain and Leather With A Hole.

urban dictionary wood grain 2Wood grain covered steering-wheel; wood grain panel. Ridin slab in my lac seville, working wood wheel.: aggtown 31 2005. 60 9. Buy the mug. Pattern (morphology) of streets, buildings and other features within an urban area (Cf. grain in wood). Concept of importance to urban designers, town planners and landscape architects. PDF Plans Glider Rocker Bench Plans Download woodwork urban dictionary. If you’d like to give your wood grain a more gnarled appearance, twist the sausage before rolling it, as shown.

Define woodgrain. woodgrain synonyms, woodgrain pronunciation, woodgrain translation, English dictionary definition of woodgrain. Brasco Premiers Urban Contemporary Shelter Line to Landscape Architects. Definition of go against the grain in the Idioms Dictionary. go against the grain phrase. Updated: It should also be noted that a big part of graining on wood is that you are swinging out driving/turning with one hand and so to make the huge swing, your palm is pressed against the steering wheel rather hard (your hand should be open) hence, graining on wood. But she’s going to ride it and handle it with the control and finesse that one must have to effectively grain on wood as she swerves on that big body – another phrase for swinging out as one grains on wood, as well as the huge cars – Caprices, de Villes, etc that make for effective leaning. Urban Dictionary’s definition for gangsta lean also lends support to this2.

Urban Dictionary: Wood Wheel

urban dictionary wood grain 3He attributed the belief that the image is the Virgin Mary to a phenomenon called pareidolia, a psychological term for the mind’s obsession with finding patterns in essentially random objects, from clouds to wood grain. In The Flapper’s Dictionary, published in 1922,. Wood Grain & Lace Events was created by Christine in 2011 and is now a team of five that handles event coordination all over Virginia. It (jelly) with brown interior (peanut butter) and wood grain steering and trim (like a baseball bat).