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They are recognized simply as the finest tool chests built in America. In terms of quality, performance, materials, and workmanship, a Gerstner is in a class by itself. No other tool chest in the world has the reputation of a Gerstner. This blog will link you to used and new original Gerstner Tool Chests which are for sale on eBay and elsewhere on the web. In addition we’ll direst you to some of the finer imports from the Gerstner International line, as well as some of the imports that are passable for a DIY’er, just as long as you know what you’re getting. With 100 in 1906, Harry Gerstner founded his tool chest company, H. Gerstner & Sons Inc., in Dayton. There was a cherry Gerstner machinists box full of Starritt top of the line machinist tools. She asked me how much they were worth.

used gerstner tool boxes 2Antique Walnut Gerstner 11 Drawer Machinist Chest Tool Box See more about Tool Box, Tools and Drawers. Tool Box, Wood Carving. Gerstner Chests & Cabinets this could be used as a jewelry box a Big one! also from Harbor Freight. Had A hasp on it but I took it off but will ship with box if buyer wants to put it back on the box)(see pictures) looks like A.

Just arrived today and was very disappointed. Actually it made me a sick. I cant believe how cheap this chest is. I bought a used Gerstner 052 a while back I think it was made around 1950. I love this box it holds all my precision tools and then some. When you topped out and became a Journeyman, you were then given a Gerstner machinists box. Not sure if this practice still exists as many simply took the Gerstner home and never used it at work. Ed. Attached Images. Woodworkers are an exacting bunch, so you have to figure the most coveted storage system for wood-working tools would be a masterpiece. A century after company patriarch Henry Gerstner assembled his first tool chest, H.

Nice Antique Walnut Gerstner 11 Drawer Machinist Chest Tool Box Jewelry Coin

used gerstner tool boxes 3I have a Gerstner, and wouldn’t consider anything else, but that’s not to say a Kennedy isn’t a good box. If you look on eBay you will find an abundance of new and used chests in varying price ranges. Machinist’s Tool Boxes Mirrors General Questions. Jpg have a square mirror mounted at 45 degrees? I’ve been a machinist and owned such a chest for years, but have never been able to figure out what that thing could be used for. I used to have a really nice Gerstner machinists chest. I have an old Gerstner tool box which is in almost perfect condition except for the green felt in the bottoms of the drawers. So you could pick metal splinters out of you eye’s, this goes back to before safety glasses were used. Shop from the world’s largest selection and best deals for Collectable Toolboxes. Shop with confidence on eBay! I remember seeing Gerstner tool makers chest 15 years ago at my old employer–Super Nice. Expensive too. Do any of you guys own one of these fine pieces of workmanship. I would love to have one of these. My Old Kennedy chest looks rough and I would love to have a Gerstner, even used. Gerstner Tool Box. I see a VIP day as being with a single person for anywhere from 2 to 4 or 5 hours. Your client is completely accountable of the program so you as their coach/mentor have no preparation to do or prep works to be made.

Very Disappointed In The Gerstner International Base

Gerstner tool chests were legendary for their quality, especially their smooth drawer action. ANTIQUE VINTAGE GERSTNER 052 MAHOGANY TOOL BOX CHEST. There is a crack in the drop front. The crack runs along the top just under the drawer pull. The crack is not visible on the inside. The drawer knobs are not original but custom made by the toolmaker that owned the box. In case someone is looking for an awesome machinest chest, shooters box or jewelry box, check this out. One of my coworkers from my previous job bought a Gerstner used and then ordered keys for it from the sure was purdy!. Three drawers in my box will probably hold the contents of a Gerstner, never cared for Gerstners, dont care for the looks of them.