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15+ Fab Art DIY Wood Wire Spool Furniture Ideas and Tutorials www. In the old days the thread spools were all in wood, which you could easily burn in the fireplace, now the new spools are in plastic or styrofoam. Many of the ideas below can be used for all types of smaller spools, whether plastic, wood or styrofoam. What do you do with old empty wooden thread spools? Once the spools are empty of thread, they can either be used as is or decorated or enhanced somehow.

uses for wooden thread spools 2I am loving all the colors used for this DIY thread spool garland. This is a guide about craft ideas for thread spools. There are many ways to use empty wooden or plastic thread spools for homemade projects. Spool Crafts for Kids: Find Arts and Crafts Activities with Wooden Thread Spools with Instructions, Patterns, Printables for Children. Arts and Crafts Projects with Wooden Spools with the following crafts ideas, instructions, patterns, and printables for Children, Teens, Preschoolers.

Shop outside the big box, with unique items for wooden thread spool from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors on Etsy. I saved a bag of wooden ones as I emptied the thread. Do you save your empty thread spools? I don’t throw them away because they just seem like they should be useful for something, don’t you think? Plus they are kind of fun to collect. My grandma used to give us fabric scraps and we would make clothed for our spool people:-). I don’t save any of my spools unless they are the old wooden ones.

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Lots of old wooden thread spools that would look cute in an old jar by FGFheadhonker on Ideas for Old Wooden Thread Spools by nacha. Wooden thread spools add a vintage charm to many different types of craft projects. After you have used up the thread, consider re-purposing or upcycling the spools into functional or fun pieces for your home. Find great deals on eBay for Wooden Sewing Spools in Sewing Spools and Thread. Some say you can never have enough wooden spools of thread: discover lots of fantastic ideas you can pick up to make the most out of them. During the year I have gathered a collection of empty thread spools. I’ve got an old wooden cotton reel hung with red ribbon on the Christmas tree. Well time post though because there’s 7 (not so pretty) plastic reels waiting to be used for something. Spool of Thread Wreath Live Love Sew used wooden spools for her wreath, but I think you could use plastic ones, too, with some extra love.

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I actually like to collect vintage wooden spools just for thread spool crafts. My favorite thing to make are little shabby chic photo holders. Here are some other creative ideas that I have found:. Thread Spool Organization Ideas Thread Shelf DIY Thread Storage Rack Ruler Thread Holder Chevron Wooden Thread Holder. Well, I thought the thread these days is rarely on a wooden spool. Then I got to thinking of some of the uses my family has made of these spools. As a child I used the wooden spools for a bubble blower. First, rub a bit of soap on the end, dip in some soap suds and just blow all kinds of rainbow bubbles. I found a bag full of old wooden spools in my grandmother’s sewing box.

What to do with them when the thread is all sewn into the n. Wooden spools can also be used to create a Christmas garland, dolls and accessories, or a child’s menorah.