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Put together a sturdy fence for a fraction of the cost using recycled pallets! If you’re using the 4048 inch pallets it would take about 44 pallets to make a 100ft fence. 21 Responses to 16 Wood Pallet Fence Ideas. You’ll Need. Sawzall or Reciprocating Saw with wood blades. Some pallets are constructed using nails and some using long heavy-duty staples. If you can find pallets with staples this step will be much easier.

using wood pallets for fencing 2You can cut costs by installing your own fence using recycled rather than factory-fresh materials. Companies receive merchandise deliveries on wood pallets that they will give away free to people who will pick them up. How to Build a Pallet Fence that stands the test of time at a super low cost. This is so that they don’t destroy the fence by using it as a scratching post or try to dig under it. I also made a firewood rack (for outdoors) using wood pallets, and I made an outdoor lounger out of wood pallets.

Have you always wanted a fence on your property but never really had the money to get one? I know I have, I actually had to put up chicken wire to stop my dog from running away. Check out this amazing method of turning pallets into a fence! There’s no doubt that fence made from reclaimed wood is much cheaper than made from bought one. Of course, fencing made in this way will not be high cause of pallet’s size. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. If you have access to various sizes of free pallets, consider this idea for your next fence. Now I know for a fact that I would rather dig a ditch with a spoon than pull nailed on boards.

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using wood pallets for fencing 3This tutorial will walk you through the process of building your own fence using wooden pallets, virtually for free! It is a great idea to make a pallet fence and you can also paint it with any color you desire. Pallets are getting popular overtime and a lot of people are using them make necessary things for their home which does not even cost them anything. Wooden Pallet Furniture Set For Patio. Then attached the wood from the pallets using a block as a spacer and finished off with some on top to stop the rain getting into the end grain but also to make it look better and finished off with staining it with some dark oak Ronseal One Coat Fencelife. – Pallet Fence design ideas and photos. This one, created out of an old wooden pallet, is wall and planter in one. That’s one of the main benefits of using wood pallets for DIY projects because you can get them for free in certain places like hardware stores, furniture and equipment stores, feed and pet supply stores, newspaper companies, construction sites or even on Craigslist or other internet sites. Project 5: Build a DIY Fence Using Wood Pallets. With a little skill and elbow grease, you can learn how to built your own fence using wooden pallets. With the right tools and a little patience, you’ll be surprised on how much money you can save on this do-it-yourself project.

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I get a real kick out of re-purposed wooden pallet projects. You should try to avoid using MB marked and pressure treated pallets for interior projects and gardening projects. We used the pallets for fencing in small places for animals like goats and chickens. This simple concept of building a wood pallet fence project that actually requires no disassembling needed can save you hours of hard labor and lower the m. Gate and Small Fence Using Pallet Wood. To hide an unsightly area of the yard I built a gate and short fence to fit the area from pallet wood. Neokentin. Make a Horse Stall and Wood Fence using Wood Pallets / Palettes de Bois.

Using thicker blocks of wood in this way is also useful for nail heads that have been hammered a long way out (but are still firmly fixed).