Usps Post Office Box Street Address Sample Plans PDF

In Move to Competitive Locations with Street Addressing, a customer’s mailing address may be either the street address for the Post Office where their PO Box is located, followed by and the box number, or PO Box followed by the box number. USPS (at least the one I use) even emails me every time I get mail, so no more going to the box to see if I even have mail. I looked at the USPS site to see if there was anything such as you describe, and the closest thing appeared to be Caller Service, where for a (significant) fee you can pick up your mail at the post office instead of the final delivery destination indicated on the address.

usps post office box street address 2The Post Office will deliver mail sent to the street address to the P.O. Box. You will, however, need to complete a Customer Agreement form that outlines the acceptable uses. With PO Boxes, the USPS doesn’t have to transport the letter to a separate location, which saves them time and money. Caveat: some rural locations only have PO Box service, i.e. they don’t deliver directly to the physical address. If that’s your PO Box, they’ll go there; if it’s your home address, it will go there. While the USPS itself will not ship stuff addressed to a POB to your street address, note that some items cannot be shipped to a POB.

Advantages of using this street-addressing option is that USPS post office boxes are typically less expensive than private mailbox services. So now I am suppose to know every street address for each PO Box along with every name that might be getting mail to them? I call BS!Am I right or wrong? If I am right, how do I proceed to get this stupidity fixed? If I am wrong, I guess I am another uncaring postal worker who just delivers the mail in the hopes I have a job to come to tomorrow. Many vendors will reject post office (U.S. Postal Service or USPS) box numbers because USPS requires postage to deliver to these boxes.

The Post Office Box Has A New Address

usps post office box street address 3The postal service has always had a way for people without addresses to get their mail. One requires that all applicants for P.O. boxes provide a street address in the application for a box. The Post Office boxes belong to the USPS and cannot legally be put to any other use. If I send a letter to my sister to her street address, it arrives at the post office in her town, they look at the street address and place the mail in a car.

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