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A box for VirtualBox is incompatible with the VMware Fusion provider, or any other provider. How do I add a file to Vagrant’s list of available boxes? The. Vagrant box add ubuntu64 vagrant init ubuntu64 vagrant up.

vagrant add box 2Attempting to add a local box to vagrant via box add (i.e., vagrant box add –name foobar. How to Create a CentOS Vagrant Base Box. Gerard Ryan edited this page Jun 14, 2013 6 revisions. Finally package the box and add it to your vagrant boxes. From vagrant user’s shell on vm:. There are three ways to create and upload Vagrant Boxes to Atlas. All three options are outlined below.

By default, vagrant uses virtualbox for managing the Virtualization. Vagrant is a simple-to-use command line virtual machine manager. There are install packages available for Windows, Linux and OS X.

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Installing Vagrant And Virtual Box On Ubuntu Lts