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HashiCorp’s Atlas you can also add boxes from a local file, custom URL, etc. How do I add a file to Vagrant’s list of available boxes? Theoretically vagrant box add should work like a charm with local file paths Emyl Feb 27 ’14 at 14:14. The goal of Vagrant is to make it so simple to create a local development environment, you’d never want to do it another way again. With two simple commands you can quickly setup your first vagrant environment and with a third command, be connected into your first vagrant box in under a few minutes.

vagrant add local box 2I have a vagrant box running on VirtualBox, and I need to make a copy (with all its existing config and data), so that I can make changes on it without affecting the original. Run vagrant box add foo to add to your existing boxes. Making a real 1:1 copy of a Vagrant box is really easy: This tutorial shows how to duplicate / copy vagrant boxes with just a few commands within seconds. In this article you’ll learn how to create your own Vagrant base box based on Ubuntu 14. Note: for the examples below, you will need to have at least Vagrant version 1.5 installed on your local computer.

I tried to add a Vagrant box by typing vagrant box add ubuntu/trusty64 but got a 403 Forbidden error – An error occurred while downloading the remote file. With PyCharm, you can add new boxes without leaving the IDE. In the Add Vagrant Box dialog box, specify the name of the new box, and its URL. Juju is configured to use the local LXC provider and is preseeded with the latest LTS releases so deployments should be relatively fast.


I had to upgrade vagrant because for older versions before vagrant cloud the syntax ‘vagrant box add laravel/homestead’ won’t work. Create the Vagrantfile and the installation bash file for it and get it up and running. Syntax to add locally existing vagrant box on windows. Vagrant and WordPress Local Development Vagrant – Getting Started on OSX Vagrant and WordPress – Local Dev Set Up Vagrant and WordPress – Adding Multiple S. To add a box using one of the examples: vagrant box add chef/centos-6.5. Alternatively, if you do not want to install PHP on your local machine, you may install Homestead manually by simply cloning the repository. Adding vagrant box is a very easy step given the condition you have fast internet. Otherwise to download that massive file can cause you a lot of headache as it will take ages.

Vagrant Box Add Returns 403 Forbidden

Although I already use Vagrant, today I decided I wanted to know how to create my own Base Boxes that I can reuse. My idea is to have two Linux Base Boxes with Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu Desktop respectively and then another two with Windows 7 and 8.