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Download Fedora 23 Cloud. These images are Vagrant Boxes images for deployment using Vagrant. Download Vagrant installer for your operating system. Download VirtualBox installer for your operating system. The Vagrantfile has the address in Atlas for the Origin box and will download the box for you.

vagrant box download 2Vagrant is an excellent tool to create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments. Use any of the following boxes to test or develop with Phalcon on a pre-configured environment. I had to upgrade vagrant because for older versions before vagrant cloud the syntax ‘vagrant box add laravel/homestead’ won’t work. Vagrant will download the image the first time you attempt to start the VM. Vagrant box remove coreos-alpha vmware_fusion vagrant box remove coreos-alpha virtualbox.

The idea is to download the Bahmni Virtual (Vagrant) Box which is pre-installed with CentOS, and all softwares. To make the vagrant box run on your machine you will need Virtual Box, Vagrant and GIT installed (See steps below). By indexing the Fedora boxes in Atlas, users now have the option of using the vagrant software to download and add the boxes automatically, rather than the user having to go grab the boxes directly from the mirrors first (although this is still an option). In this article you’ll learn how to create your own Vagrant base box based on Ubuntu 14. Next, head over to the Ubuntu download page and grab the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS ISO.

Download Phalcon Vagrant Boxes

converting crib to full bed 3Download and Install VirtualBox (ensure you are on the latest version 4.0.8+).

Bahmni Virtual Box