Vagrant Box Url Sample Plans PDF – This configures what box the machine will be brought up against. Config.vm.box_url – The URL that the configured box can be found at. I think the problem is you ended up with a pretty old version of Vagrant – 1.4.3-1 whereas the latest is 1.7.2. It’s possible the repository you installed from is no longer being kept up to date. As Emyl pointed out, right now that information is not kept around after the box has been downloaded but 1.4 will have support for that. I’ve sent a Pull Request a while ago that has been merged and will make into the next release!.

vagrant box url 2To clarify further: The issue appears to be that the downloader will always try the next URL in the array, if the last URL was a file URL, even if the file URL downloaded successfully. The host machine must have Vagrant and VirtualBox installed. Contribute to kitchen-vagrant development by creating an account on GitHub. Any other platform names will set a more reasonable default for box and leave box_url unset. Additionally, a URL will only be computed if the Vagrant provider is VirtualBox or is VMware based (these are the only providers with downloadable base boxes).

With Vagrant 1.5 boxes will be easier than ever to find, build, use, update, and share. In this article you’ll learn how to create your own Vagrant base box based on Ubuntu 14. Click Create new provider and type virtualbox then click on the URL button and type in the URL where your file is located. After playing around with Vagrant versioning I decided to make this tutorial for others doing this for the first time.

Always Downloads From Http Url, Even If Valid File Url Exists First In Array · Issue · · Github

vagrant box url 3Versions can have many providers, each which represents a Vagrant compatible provider, either from Vagrant Core as a 3rd party plugin. To create a hosted box, simply omit the URL parameter. Update 2: Vagrant Cloud has launched and I believe is now the best way to find Vagrant boxes. Update: Added Phusion Passenger url. Our cluster will use an etcd discovery URL to bootstrap the cluster of machines and elect an initial etcd leader. Vagrant box remove coreos-alpha vmware_fusion vagrant box remove coreos-alpha virtualbox. The Vagrant boxes contain the disk image of a VM without the virtual hardware details of the VM, which are initialized by Vagrant and can be edited by the user. To use the second catalog you would additionaly need to provide the source box URL, yet this catalog provides a much richer variety of boxes. Problem. You need to create a box in Vagrant. The Vagrantfile was created to specify the name of the box (precise64) and the url it can be found at. The first time you install a box Vagrant downloads it, but subsequent installs are much faster.

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