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This page lets you discover and use Vagrant Boxes created by the community. You can search by operating system, architecture or provider. I want to download a vagrant box file from Atlas for using it later locally with my vagrant file. Vagrant is computer software that creates and configures virtual development environments.

vagrant boxes hashicorp 2Vagrant has build-in support for downloading boxes from Hashicorp. And Hashicorp has a nice interface, so we’ll go with that. I am using Libvirt, and. Fedora is releasing libvirt and virtualbox Vagrant boxes for our cloud images in order to make it easier to set up a local environment for development. Additionally, for Fedora 23, we are making it easier for the users to grab these boxes by having them indexed in Hashicorp’s Atlas. Visual people: Watch this screencast Anti-video readers: Keep reading. This morning I ran into an issue with my Vagrant upgrade (I went from 1.

Aside from checking hashes of images, you might also want to know where the box images you use in Vagrant are downloaded from.

Pushing Libvirt Vagrant Boxes To Hashicorp

Where Hashicorp’s Atlas External Vagrant Box Images Actually Hosted