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Until then, this page documents how you can create your own base box. Package. Command: vagrant package. This packages a currently running VirtualBox environment into a re-usable box. This command can only be used with other providers based on the provider implementation and if the provider supports it. At the end of this tutorial, you can use the example scripts and templates to create your own Vagrant Box, or build on it with help from the Packer documentation.

vagrant create box 2There’s a detailed guide for creating vagrant boxes from scratch using Oracle Enterprise Linux, which might be helpful. You could also try VeeWee. Making a real 1:1 copy of a Vagrant box is really easy: This tutorial shows how to duplicate / copy vagrant boxes with just a few commands within seconds. There are many resources on the Internet to create a custom vagrant box from a VirtualBox instance. But I want to know a direct method to create a custom vagrant box directly from a kvm/libvirt ins.

I recently decided to create my own Windows 10 base box for Vagrant. VirtualBox is already allowing Windows 10 virtual machines as of version 5. Vagrant/Puppet GUI Configuration. Create Archive. Minimum required Vagrant version is 1.8.x; VirtualBox 5 is now the minimum required version! In such a case, you might want to package it for use with Vagrant. I needed Oracle Enterprise Linux Box. Following is a step by step approach to create a base box for Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.

Virtual Machine

vagrant create box 3This page has been recently updated to mention the new Bahmni Vagrant box setup, which uses the new Bahmni rpm based installation structure.

Creating A Windows 10 Base Box For Vagrant With Virtualbox