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I have a vagrant box up and running (configured with a LAMP stack). I need to transfer it to another PC. How can I export it? I guess that I can get a file (or files) that can be copied to another PC, so there I can run some command to import the vagrant box. In this article you’ll learn how to create your own Vagrant base box based on Ubuntu 14. Creating a new Vagrant base box from an existing VM or Creating a new Vagrant base box from an existing box. Vagrant package –base SPECIFIC_NAME_FOR_VM –output /yourfolder/OUTPUT_BOX_NAME.

vagrant export box 2I have a vagrant box running on VirtualBox, and I need to make a copy (with all its existing config and data), so that I can make changes on it without affecting the original. Run vagrant package This will export a box file called by default. Before describing the actual steps for exporting your vagrant box from one machine to another let me give you few examples where it might be useful. What if i’m moving to a new pc – how can i export then import my homestead box in to a new pc (databases, sites)?. On a new computer you can then do vagrant box add and then vagrant up (You need the.

I’ve created a virtual machine with Vagrant and some provisioning scripts. Now I want to hand out copies of the fully provisioned machine to participants at a workshop. A protip by kraeuschen about virtualbox, vagrant, and export. I last successfully packaged a virtualbox box using the vagrant package command on Dec 15th, 2014.


Tested with CentOS 6.2, Vagrant 1.0.2, VirtualBox 4.1.14 on Ubuntu 10.04 (s031). Finally package the box and add it to your vagrant boxes. Vagrant package tar xf ovftool box.ovf box.ova The trouble right now is that VirtualBox is making their OVF files incompatible with VMware (and for no good reason). Once I’ve got a nokogiri script to fix it automatically, then this feature be export as as vApp you can drop into vSphere. This is a base box for Islandora Vagrant, and an export box lives on atlas. The virtual machine that is built uses 3GB of RAM. Your host machine will need to be able to support that. There are three ways to create and upload Vagrant Boxes to Atlas. All three options are outlined below. This can be done via the vagrant package command or with Packer locally. Sudo apt-get install vagrant vagrant plugin install vagrant-libvirt After this, the Tails branch feature/vagrant-libvirt makes everything work like when Vagrant was using Virtualbox, except basebox building (see below). Veewee kvm export is not implemented. the box image is created in the raw format, so it consumes the full 10 GiB disk space, and is incompatible with vagrant-libvirt, which only supports qcow2. Building a Vagrant base box. In order to locally build nodes to test the setup of a node, Vagrant is a great automation tool that helps to play with ISO images from a certain operating system. Vagrant basebox export Ubuntu-11.04 8.


The more I’ve been playing around with it the more I’m in love. I even went so far as to create a bash script to spin up new Vagrant boxes using just a name.